First ever Fitstream Competition - Dead-Hang Pull-ups

pull-up competition

Welcome to the first Fitstream competition ever!

This is going to be the first of many, where we'll be dishing out top equipment to winners taking part in our strength and fitness challenges and posting the results on our blog and Fitstream Facebook page.

... and which better exercise to start with for our first comp than the mighty pull-up! Here are the rules and the prizes up for grabs -

Participants will be competing to perform the most deadhang pull-ups. There are three classes available - Men's, Women's, and 18's and Under.

We've partnered with Astone Fitness to bring you our first place prize for the men's competition - The Human Trainer, providing you with the ultimate bodyweight training system. Urban sportswear brand fizzYcaL is contributing the prizes for the women's and 18's and Under classes. 

Competition sponsors:

Competition sponsors

Men's Prizes

Women's Prizes

18's and Under Prizes

Competition rules:

  • All videos must be titled: "Fitstream Dead-Hang Pull-Up Competition 2012" and competitors must state their full name and country in the video write-up.
  • The video must clearly show the date at the beginning of the attempt (e.g. on mobile phone / newspaper).
  • Video must be filmed from the front position and clearly show the full body in view.
  • Grip used must be overhand grip / pull-up grip only (palms facing outwards).
  • Competitor must start with a one second deadhang before the first rep and the words "one second" must be called out.
  • Hands to be placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart (extra wide grip is not allowed).
  • Both hands are to stay on the bar throughout the whole set (no holding with one arm to let the other recover)
  • Arms must fully lock out at the bottom of the exercise and competitor must say the words "One Second" before performing the next rep. Shoulders must come to a relaxed state at the bottom - thus creating the "Dead-Hang" position.
  • Chin must cross the bar at the top position.
  • No kipping / leg kicking.
  • Winner is the person who performs the most reps.
  • In the event of a tie - the video submitted first will be awarded the prize.

Entries and judging:

  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube (or other video sites e.g. Vimeo) and added to the Facebook Event Page where they will be approved at the judges discretion.
  • Contest will be judged by Fitstream athletes Lee & Jay (what they say goes).
  • All approved entries will be posted on our Facebook pull-up event page and on this blog post.
  • The contest will begin January 1st and run until February 12th - so plenty of time to get that pull-up training in!

* In the event of any winners residing in Outer Mongolia or other such regions outside of Europe, Fitstream reserve the right to pay you the monetary equivalent of the prize via PayPal.

Fitstream Athlete Lee Wade Turner demonstrates the Dead-Hang Pull-up permitted for the competition below:

...and here's the top prize The Human Trainer in action -

Fitstream Athletes and competition judges Lee Wade Turner and Jay 'KillingGravity' pictured below - 

Lee and Jay


  • User comment by kris

    See who's taking part in the comp on our Facebook page - and check the events tab. We have a great line up so far! Thanks guys...

    Posted 06-12-2011 0:12

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