Winners of the Dead-Hang Pull-up Competition

The first Fitstream competition has now ended and we'd like to thank everyone who took part and those that helped to promote it.

The competition challenged participants to videoing the most dead-hang pull-ups, which ran for six weeks and took entries via YouTube. There were three classes available for men's, women's and 18's and under.

Well done to all the winners - there were some super-human efforts and participants showed great spirit and camaraderie. It was inspiring stuff...

Competition winners

The competition winners are shown below and prizes are being sent this week...

Men's winners

1 Damien Longley (representing Extreme Pull-ups) 36 video
2 James Houseofman 34 video
3 Aaron Cicchelli (representing Extreme Pull-ups) 34 video
4 Steven Parrish 30 video
5 Ryan Fletcher 27 video

Damien showing how it's done - 

Women's winners

1 Toni Bushart West (representing Integrated Fitness) 20 video
2 Margaret Matuszak 13 video
3 Shayle Dudash-Williams 13 video
4 Anna Gunvordahl Benkoski 12 video

Toni in action -

18's and under

1 Devidas Smailys - Age 17 (rep Bar-barians & Project Mayhem) 36 video
2 Никита Хуторной - Age 16 29 video
3 Alex Goldberg  27 video
4 Antonio Nikolov - Age 17 23 video
5 Cathal Dunne - Age 18 22 video

Devidas showing that age means nothing...

We'll be running more competitions this year so we'll keep you posted as we finalise the details. If you have any susggestions on the kind of competitions you'd like to see, please get in touch on our Facebook page or email us at

...we did have a request for a seniors category (50+) so if there's enough interest we'll add this to the next comp. Let us know!

Thanks also to Astone fitness for putting up The Human Trainer for first prize.

..and special thanks go out to Lee and Jay for hosting a great comp!

Competition sponsors

Competition sponsors

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