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The human body fascinates us at Fitstream. Simply walking across the room is a beautiful display of coordinated motion from thousands of body parts. 

We've dedicated our time to tracking the human body and providing people with applications for journaling physical changes, capturing measurements, charting progress and understanding how our individual bodies respond. 

Whether you want to track measurements such as chest and bicep size, body weight, body fat percentage or simply snapping progress pics for quick benchmarking and comparison, Fitstream provides the free platform to help store your body records. Our service is available online and via the Apple and Android app stores. 

The Man With No Heart 20-07-2012

Heart Stop Beating is the miracle story of two pioneering doctors from the Texas Heart Institude, who in 2011 successfully replaced a dying man's heart with two 'continuous flow' pumps they developed. 

Billy Cohn and Bud Frazier are the visionaries behind the operation, who both proved that life is possible without a pulse. 

Check out this truly mind blowing short movie to learn more... (oh and a word of warning to the squemish amongst us - the scalpel makes an appearance!)

The terminally ill patient, Craig Lewis made the history books and survived for 5 weeks without a heart, experiencing life he otherwise would not have had the chance to live (ultimately the illness which crippled his heart originally spread throughout other organs in the body).

This era of body hacking has just been escalated a level. Not only are we replacing organs, but fundamentally changing the way they work. As a continous blood flow can place less stress on the body than a surging pulse there are potential advantages to this approach. It's a thought provking achievement and challenges fundamental perceptions on what it is to be alive. 

"we have proven human physiology can be supported without a pulse".

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Google Labs Body Browser 12-01-2011


Google Labs have released an interesting new application called Body Browser which lets you explore the human body in 3D. 

It's early days for the app and it's a bit basic at the moment but pretty cool nevertheless.

Kind of like Google Maps for the human body you're able to search, rotate, zoom and peel back layers of flesh to reveal muscles, organs, bones and finally the nervous system. 

It's definitely worth a look, but because it's built using cutting edge tech you'll need to download the latest version of Google Chrome (now in beta) to view it (we couldn't get it to work in Firefox). 

Body Browser has obvious medical uses but it's a good reference application for the layman, and quite a humbling experience to navigate the entire make-up of the body with such ease and detail. 

It's one to watch we think and it will be interesting to see how the app develops over time or allows third party integration. 

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