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Any changes to the Fitstream range of stock and equipment will be found in this corner of the blog. 

New Fitstream Equipment in Store 24-06-2013

We just wanted to share a quick update with you about some new additions the Fitstream Store that we're excited about.

Check these out - 

  • Easy Ring Straps - If you ring train at home or from a pull-up bar then you probably find that standard ring straps can be too lengthy and a pain to setup, with excess webbing getting in the way of your movement. These high-tensile 6ft loops make seting up your rings an absolute doddle!
  • 10kg Ankle Weights - For our hardcore weighted calisthenics fans, we've now introduced a set of heavy, adjustable ankle weights that are as good as our weighted vest. They're perfect for those weighted knee raises, l-sits or weighted runs. 
  • Fitstream Speed Rope - this ultra-durable, coated steel cable is capable of incredible speeds... and fully adjustable too!
  • We've also got two new resistance band sizes for you in store. The micro band - for light warm-ups, stretching and pilates and our extra long sprint band for ballistic running drills. 

Also, don't forget to look at our clearance fitness equipment for some of the best prices around on our discontinued equipment!

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New Sportswear Added to Store 30-03-2012

fitstream teeWe've been adding new sportswear into the apparel section of the Fitstream store this month.

You'll now find the entire range of fizzYcaL gear and the new Fitstream Sports Tee in white that will keeping you comfortable during those workouts whilst looking sharp.

fizzYcaL are offering their durable unisex hoodie range and vibrant tee's at a great price, so check them out.   

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TRX FORCE Tactical added to store 13-02-2012

The TRX FORCE Kit Tactical has been added to the Fitstream store. 

The TRX guys have been leaders in the single-point suspension trainer market for years now and this is their latest addition to the fitness world, designed specifically to meet the demands of military service professionals.


TRX have created an impressive little package with this suspension training bundle and it's nicely put together, with plenty of training material, and some nifty little upgrades to the classic suspension trainer design...

  • Updated suspension trainer: After years of true use in the field the classic suspension trainer design has been refined. 
    • Now you won't find any moving parts or pieces that could fail with harcore use or in harsh climates. 
    • Made even lighter, weighing in at only 1.5lbs. 
    • D-rings are used making the connecors lighter, stronger and more durable
    • Rubber handles in place for ultimate grip, durability and easy-cleaning. 
    • The TRX Extender strap allows you to anchor the trainer to higher / vertical points for extreme versatility. 
    • Mesh running bag included for easy portability and organization. 
  • 12-week progressive tactical conditioning program: Concieved by service members in the field, this program focuses on strength, agility and mobility. It comes in the form of a 
    • Durable, heavy-duty, waterproof hand book.
    • Two DVDs with three real-time workouts and agility drills. 

The TRX FORCE package gives you a solid, reliable piece of fitness equipment that takes your training with you at all times. Hook it to your door, or over a bar, tree or beam and this trainer gives you the ultimate flexibility to train almost anywhere. 

Find our more about the TRX FORCE trainer in the suspension trainers section of our store. 

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Fitstream T-Shirt Added to Store 15-09-2011

FitstreamT-ShirtLeeWadeTurnerCheck out the new Fitstream Training T-shirts added to our store. These black sports shirts are made from Neoteric textured facbric to keep you cool during the most durable of workouts and are available for both men and women in sizes from XS - XL. 

We've added the shirts at the introductory price of £10 which is available until the end of October!

UK Bar-barian Lee Wade Turner is pictured sporting his Fitstream T-Shirt whilst coaching at a bodyweight fitness event in Kettering earlier this year. 

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New Product - Heavy Grips Hand Grippers Range 12-11-2010

We've added our latest product to the UK Fitstream Store - the Heavy Grips hand grippers range. 


The Heavy Grips help you build serious hand, finger and forearm strength and are available in six different resistance levels from 100-350lbs. The heavy duty knurled aluminium design come with a lifetime warranty and are available now for only £11.99 each.  

Grip training is an often overlooked element to fitness but a strong grip can be vital to most forms of sports or weight training.

Using grippers and building hand strength is particularly effective for:

  • Rock climbing and bouldering
  • Weight training / powerlifting / weightlifting
  • Racquet sports such as tennis, badminton, squash
  • Cricket and golf
View the Heavy Grips in the Fitstream Store.
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Fitstream Rings in MMA Workout Video 01-09-2010

Check out this video by training gym GrappleFit on their YouTube stream showing UFC fighter Ross Pearson taking on a gruelling MMA workout using the Fitstream Rings.

Ross shows the rings who's boss and can be seen performing ring push-ups and fly exercises.

Ross is an English professional mixed martial arts fighter from Sunderland who was the lightweight division winner of The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom.

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Fitstream Foam Roller Available to Buy 06-07-2010

The Foam Roller has been getting a lot of good press lately, and rightly so - they offer a quick and effective way to not only warm-up and prepare the body for training but also a means of self-massage to decrease recovery time and improve overall soft-tissue health.

We're now selling our own Foam Roller in the Fitstream Store (pictured below).



The Fitstream Foam Roller is a sound investment at little cost, and is an essential item for anyone involved in intense physical training or workouts, and anyone concerned about their posture or flexibility.

Continued use of a foam roller will improve muscle alignment and flexibility, postural alignment and will fully prepare your body for workouts, thereby minimising the chances of injury and improving form.

Our Foam Rollers are the large 36" long variety with a 6" diameter and are perfect for full body stretching and flexibility exercises.

Visit the foam roller product in the shop for more information, or drop us an email at

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Indo Board added to Fitstream 23-05-2010

We've just added the Indo Board Balance Trainer to the Fitstream Store and it's one of our recommended pieces of equipment for adding a bit of fun into your workouts.


The Indo Board is our favorite balance trainer and a great way to develop your agility, coordination and balance skills, not to mention a neat way to liven up your workouts.

We were first inspired to buy a balance trainer when we watched a YouTube clip of Crossfit workouts that used the Indo Board. Check this out -

Mad skills. I think we'll learn how to stand up on it first before trying the handstand push-ups though. 

Leave a comment here with your Indo Board experiences, check out the Fitstream Indo Board page and share your reviews or visit the manufacturers direct for latest information and prices at 

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Fitstream Equipment Selling Out Quick 05-03-2010


We're selling out of our first batch of Fitstream Equipment much quicker than anticipated and we're already out of the 8kg and 12kg Kettlebells and the Fitstream Weighted Vest but we've got more stock due soon.

It's on back order and we're expecting it in May but hopefully a bit sooner.

We're doing everything we can to speed up manufacturing and will keep you posted as to when more becomes available.

We'll also be stocking the Fitstream Foam Roller soon for stretching, workout warm-ups and rehab work. If you're not familiar with foam rollers they're great for prepping the back and core body for those big lifts.

Oh and let's not forget The Ark... but you'll have to send us your detiails for preorder quickly as we don't have many due and there's a first come first served waiting list. We're working on some images and videos to give you more of an insight into just what it's capable of.

Watch this space.

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Fitstream Weighted Vest temporarily sold out 30-01-2010


The Fitstream Weighted Vest has proved very popular in the UK and is establishing itself as one of the best quality vests at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, due to high-demand the weighted vest is temporarily sold out but more stock is expected in March.

More stock expected March 2010

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