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Metro Dash Assault Course 11-05-2011

How cool is this? Metro Dash is a unique obstacle course run throughout the US designed by former Navy Seals. 

You get to jump, crawl, swing, climb and lift your way through an assault course which not only helps get you in shape and test your fitness but presumably makes you feel a lot like you're on The Gladiators. 


With 30 different obstacles, from tunnel crawls and rope swings to cargo net climbs and window jumps (yes... running and jumping through a window opening) Metro Dash looks like the perfect urban workout, offering the very definition of functional training.... and I'm sure it said something about their beer and food at the end of it. 


The Metro Dash course gives you a measurable way to compete against others and gauge just how effective your fitness training is by putting it to the test.   

To find out more about Metro Dash and their locations throughout the US check their website over at

Oh... and can someone please build one of these in the UK!

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The Bulgarian Bag - We Want One 15-04-2010


This is a Bulgarian Bag.... and we want one. 

We've seen them around on the internet for a while now but not yet had the fun of using them first hand. Take a look at the video below to get a feel for how they're used and you'll see why they caught our eye!

We can tell the Bulgarian Bag offers a killer workout and are really liking the fluidity to the movements - the transition between exercises can be seamless allowing for sustained intensity.

The Bulgarian Bag seems like a tool that's similar to kettlebell and weighted club training, offering a hybrid strength training and cardio workout which places emphasis on grip strength, rotational shoulder strength and offers a superb core body workout. The rotational torso exercises burn just watching them and we know it will be an effective piece of equipment for building functional strength and weight loss. 

We're looking to buy a Bulgarian Bag ourselves pretty soon to try it out but they're pretty hard to come by in the UK and are pretty damn expensive too. So we'll do our research, save up the funds and let you know how we get on. If anyone has any recommendations let us know on the comments or

If you're feeling adventurous you can always try making your own! Check this video out on YouTube of a Home made Bulgarian bag with example workout. 

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Power Station Squat Rack from Australian Kettlebells 14-01-2010

Billed as "The squat rack of the future" The Power Station is soon to go on sale by Australian Kettlebells and we have to agree, this thing looks simply awesome.

Like some kind of fitness Swiss Army knife it's the most versatile piece of kit we've seen in a long time. Behold... The Power Station. 


Seriously, with kit like this you can forget gym memberships. We think this is the future of fitness and home gyms. Put one of these in your garage, add a bench, an Olympic barbell and weights for a complete body workout solution that can build an elite physique.

Over time, throw in a few resistance bands, some gymnasitcs rings and a kettlebell and this is a truly perfect gym setup.

People are learning that isolation exercises are not the way forward and working your body as an integrated whole is much more effective. Similarly, for fitness equipment... you don't need a separate squat rack, dipping station, pull-up rig, sled and plate storage. It's costly and requires a tonne of space. The Power Station is ingenious and a real step in the right direction for effective home training.

Take a look at this video of the Power Station in action:

The Power Station is like a standard Power Rack on steroids and the setup combinations are endless. Squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, chin-ups, and step-ups - all these exercises and more are within easy reach around one base unit. You can even use it for strongman exercises like the yoke, the conan's wheel or various sled based moves.

The station also makes resistance band training easy and effective - with simple to adjust band pegs to allow quick adjustment of band tension, loading or deloading the bar, adding intensity to your exercises or making challenging exercises easier to achieve.

Dimensions of The Power Station: 2.3 metres high and base is 2.02 metres by 1.16 metres.

We don't think equipment like this is ahead of its time. We think it's long overdue! But it's great to see Australian Kettlebells really taking steps and leading the way with The Power Station and we can't wait to see equivalent products making it over the water to us too!

Visit for more information.

We want one.

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