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20kg Kettlebell Pro Grade Details

The Pro-Grade Kettlebell will last you a lifetime. The kettlebells are ergonomically designed for superior balance and usability and are a consistent size throughout the range to ensure consistency in your training. The Pro-Grade is recommended for those wanting the best kettlebells available.

  • Manufactured from high-end steel
  • Durable black coating 

Choosing Kettlebell Weight

ProfileKettlebell weight to start with (KG)
Average man 16 kg Kettlebell
Stronger than average man 20 kg Kettlebell
Very strong man 24 kg Kettlebell
Average woman 8kg Kettlebell (Only available in kettlebell classic range)
Strong woman 12kg Kettlebell (Only available in kettlebell classic range)

Men: The average man should start training with a 16kg kettlebell which will serve for some time and will always be useful for warm-ups and high repetition sets.

Once you out-grow the 16kg kettlebell for the fundamental strength exercises the next kettlebell step-up is usually the 24kg kettlebell.

We generally recommend that you buy a single 16kg kettlebell and as you progress pick-up the 24kg, followed by 32kg kettlebells. Once you have this set you can go on to buy matching pairs of each and begin double-drill kettlebell training.

Double drills are very effective but only recommended when you're proficient with single kettlebell training.  
Women: The average woman should start with an 8kg kettlebell and athletic women can begin with a 12kg kettlebell. Some women work their way up to 16kg upwards.

Note: It's a common issue for people to buy a kettlebell that's too heavy for them first time round.

A 16kg kettlebell might not sound a lot but for the beginner male, it's usually more than sufficient and it's dangerous to buy a kettlebell beyond your means.

Please remember that kettlebell training is fundamentally different to standard weight training due to the swinging exercises as well as lifts. If in doubt select a lighter kettlebell and work your way up.

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20kg Kettlebell Pro Grade Exercises

See example exercises below for 20kg Kettlebell Pro Grade.

Kettlebell Windmill Thumbnail

Kettlebell Windmill Kettlebell exercises

The kettlebell windmill is a good exercise for developing strength and definition in the core body.

Kettlebell Snatch Thumbnail

One-Arm Kettlebell Snatch Kettlebell exercises

The kettlebell snatch is a good progression exercise for those who are now competent with the basic kettlebell swing.

Kettlebell exericses thumbnail

One-Arm Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell exercises

The Kettlebell Swing is a fundamental kettlebell exercise and a great place to start for anyone new to kettlebell training.

Kettlebell Squat

Double Kettlebell Squat Kettlebell exercises

Build strong, muscular legs with the fundamental Double Kettlebell Squat exercise. A great kettlebell exercise to train the whole lower body.

Kettlebell clean thumbnail

One-Arm Kettlebell Clean Kettlebell exercises

A fundamental kettlebell exercise designed to raise a kettlebell into a position suitable for overhead lifts and focus on those hamstring and back muscles.

Turkish Get-up Thumbnail

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (TGU) Kettlebell exercises

The Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up is a powerful exercise that works many muscle groups in unison, focusing on the abdominals.

Kettlebell Military Press thumbnail

Double Kettlebell Military Press Kettlebell exercises

The double military press with kettlebells helps build strong, muscular shoulders and powerful triceps.

kettlebell bent over row

Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row Kettlebell exercises

An excellent upper-body pulling movement; kettlebell rows will build strength in the back and biceps muscles.

Goblet Squat Thumbnail

Kettlebell Goblet Squat Kettlebell exercises

A guide to the Kettlebell Goblet Squat; a key, center loaded, lower body strength exercise suitable for beginners.


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.

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