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Macebell training

The macebell is a primal piece of fitness equipment that will strengthen your grip, develop your shoulder muscles and the core body, and will improve balance and coordination skills in one brutal workout. 

Essentially the macebell is an ancient weapon, made up of a heavy ball welded on to the end of a pole which can be lifted and swung around to devastating effect. 

Macebell training is now a popular workout for the mixed martial arts community for developing strength and balance required for combat. Due to their effectiveness with strength and fitness training - the macebell is now finding it's way into gym's around the world. 

Our commitment

Fitstream is committed to working with best-in-class fitness equipment, rigorously tested and constructed to withstand heavy daily use by the world's most demanding fitness enthusiasts.


We don't believe in choosing between Olympic lifting, calisthenics or gymnastics. We choose fitness. Well-rounded and capable physiques forged from diversity, intensity and dedication.

Fitstream is for everyday people wanting good health and an elite physique that not only looks amazing, but can perform too, using tools & techniques that are beautifully primitive, yet brutally effective.

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