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  • Clubbell Details

    The Clubbell is a weighted club, which can be used in various swinging exercises to develop strength, flexibility, burn fat and train the entire body to develop elite fitness. Training with a Clubbell offers a perfect blend of cardio and and strength exercise that few other tools can match. 

    Scott Sonnon (pictured below) has popularized this ancient tool, created Circular Strength Training and patented the Clubbell design. 

    Benefits of Clubbell Training

    The Clubbell is the original combat fitness tool that can be used to :-

    • Build a lean and powerful frame
    • Burn fat and reduce your waistline
    • Develop an impressive core body and six-pack
    • Build total body, functional muscle with emphasis on broad, powerful shoulders. 
    • Improve grip, wrist and forearm strength
    • Dramatically improve your posture

    More Information on Clubbells

    For more information on the Clubbell, Clubbell workouts and exercises, the benefits, and Circular Strength Training or to buy a Clubbell please visit RMAX International

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  • Clubbell Exercises

    See example exercises below for Clubbell.

    Club Swing Thumbnail

    Front Swing Club exercises

    The front swing is the most basic of club exercises and recommended as a good starting exercise for club training beginners.

    Club Swing Thumb

    Side Swing Club exercises

    The club side swing is a fundamental lateral exercise with a weighted club.

    Front Pendulum Thumbnail

    Front Pendulum Club exercises

    A fundamental club training movement that is a good conditioning exercise and builds coordination and total body strength.


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise

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