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  • Freestyle Trainer Pro Details

    The Freestyle Trainer Pro is a suspension trainer brought to you by Ring Training - makers of the EXF Gymnastics Rings. Taking some of the best design elements of the EXF Gym Rings the Freestyle Trainer Pro is a highly versatile functional training tool that can be used for entire body workouts. 


    Why we like the Freestyle Trainer Pro: 

    • A high quality suspension trainer that allows you to train your entire body anywhere
    • Huge variety of bodyweight exercises for the whole body

    • Quick setup anywhere by attaching trainer to beams, bars, racks, doorways or trees in seconds.
    • 17' straps for attaching to the highest anchor points
    • Can use straps for hand or feet attachments
    • Rapid height adjustment and measurement marks on straps to ensure both are level

    Freestyle Trainer Pro contents:

    The Freestlye Trainer Pro comes with -

    • Freestyle Trainer Pro Suspension Trainer with 17' exercise hand / foot straps
    • Functional Training Freestyle DVD with over 70 exercises (featuring world champion rock climber Timy Fairfield)

    More Information

    For more information about suspension training and exercises you can read our suspension training guides.


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  • Freestyle Trainer Pro Exercises

    See example exercises below for Freestyle Trainer Pro.

    Suspended Single Squat Thumb

    Suspended Single Leg Squat Suspension training exercises

    Intensely train the lower body with one-legged squats. This notoriously difficult exercise can be learned using a suspension trainer for assistance.

    Suspended Chest Press Thumb

    Suspended Chest Press Suspension training exercises

    The suspended chest press is a beginners upper-body strength exercise for those that are not quite strong enough for unassisted push-ups or would like to vary the angle and intensity of the exercise using a suspension trainer.

    Suspended Oblique Crunch Thumbnail

    Suspended Crunch Suspension training exercises

    The suspended crunch exercise uses a suspension trainer to intensely train the core body and abdominals. This is a highly effective ab exercise that allows you a great deal of flexibility due to the free moving suspension trainer.


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