A dip in the stream

We're in the business of body tracking, transformation, motivation, and inspiration.

About Fitstream

Fitstream is dedicated to transforming bodies around the world. We're passionate about testing, measurement and metrics, and believe in continuous learning via personal experimentation. When it comes to health and fitness there's no single approach that works for everyone and the Fitstream platform will help you discover just what works for you.

We've built the ultimate health and fitness journal to track your body measurements and activity, to take those progress pics, and collect any thoughts and insights.

There's also our store, where we sell best-in-class fitness equipment and clothing. Gear that's tried and tested in gyms around the world. We'll help you lift, swing, jump, push and pull your way to a stronger, leaner body.

Values and Mission

Our mission is to provide a service that helps you track, discover and genuinely transform your body.

We do this first and foremost by staying true to the Fitstream community, listening to what you have to say and being responsive to your needs. Contact us at any time with feedback or ideas over at admin@fitstream.com or via Twitter and Facebook.

Fitstream will forever be honest and raw. We don't believe in gimmicks, badges or points. We build our service around things of real value, creating healthy habits, and cultivating an environment of positivity and continuous improvement. We focus on tracking data that really matter and allow you to actually see your progress.

Our approach is working. We're motivating people around the world and sparking incredible transformations. Muscle is being built and fat burned as our community gets stronger each day. Join us today for free, and download our app. Take your first progress pic, record your body measurements, and let's see what we can achieve together.

Our Approach to Fitness

  • Lifelong learning: to continuously educate yourself and learn more about good health and fitness.
  • Total fitness: to pursue improvements in all ten fitness skills; cardiovascular, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy.
  • Balance and efficiency: the balanced integration of efficient fitness training that complements your life, rather than dominates, and has maximum impact.
  • Results driven: the intelligent application of objective-oriented, results-driven training.
  • Good health: never pursuing fitness objectives at the expense of good health.
  • Tracking and experimentation: research, apply, track, interpret, tweak and repeat.
  • Fun: fitness doesn't have to mean sterile gyms, treadmills and dumbbells.