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A Simple Guide on How to Build Stamina

Stamina levels dictate your ability to work out at a certain intensity for a duration of time. Whilst endurance levels are mostly a matter of genetics there are two main factors that allow you to improve your stamina; your VO2 max (rate at which a body can consume oxygen during exercise) and lactate threshold (the level of exertion at which lactate accumulates in the muscles). With a targeted training plan you can develop both of these variables.

Four Simple Steps to Building Stamina

Try these simple steps to help improve your stamina and endurance levels.

Training for Stamina

Actively engaging in steady-state activities and steadily increasing mileage and speed is a great way to build endurance. In addition to this, specific training techniques to develop VO2 Max and lactate threshold are outlined below;

  • High intensity interval training (known as HIIT - training in bouts of high intensity close to maximal effort for short intervals) is an effective strategy for developing your VO2 max, making the body more efficient at consuming oxygen.
  • To develop your lactate threshold consider integrating tempo runs (also known as anaerobic threshold run, running at threshold pace for around 20 mins) into your routine. This will allow you to work out harder and for longer periods of time.

To break through plateaus try mixing up your routine and work on your weaknesses. For example, if your strength is long distance marathons, try some speed training or if you train mainly on flat lands get up and over those hills and on mixed terrain.

If your endurance goal is less oriented around cardio and more focused on strength endurance (the ability to be strong over an extended period of time) then look to build your routine around using heavy weights (near your limits), with shortened rest periods between sets, for increasing volumes of sets. Strength-Endurance = Heavy Weights + Short Rest + Volume.

Eating for Stamina Development

Diet is a critical factor in any health training plan and will help determine how quickly you recover from training sessions and speed up progress toward those goals.

On heavy training days, particularly when endurance is your training goal, carbohydrate levels will be key. Consumption levels will vary depending on body weight and vary considerably between individuals so personal experimentation is important to find the right combination for you.

Irrespective of intake levels, aim for natural, whole foods and water, cutting our processed foods and soda for good health.

Rest and Recover

Getting adequate rest and allowing your body to heal between training sessions is essential to your physical development.

Make sure that you're getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night to allow your body to heal.

Track Your Stamina Development

Tracking the body is an important gauge of measuring progress and refining your training plan. Important data with regards to stamina goals includes; distances, times, speed, bodyweight, body fat %, rep patterns etc.

Fitstream provides the ultimate fitness journal to help document your progress, record physical changes and build a tailored routine that works for you. It's also an excellent way to stay motivated and measure just how far you've come over time.

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    Cardio and core!!

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  • 125.00
  • SwEaTy SeLfIe!!!
    Back and bis with a mile run!!

    Highly recommend getting your closest friend or family member to start going to the gym with!! So thankful for my bestie 🥰 love you!!

  • Late night yoga!
    25 minutes

  • 14.00
    Calf (right)
  • 14.00
    Calf (left)
  • 22.50
    Thigh (right)
  • 22.50
    Thigh (left)
  • 41.00
  • 38.00
  • 9.50
    Forearm (right)
  • 9.50
    Forearm (left)
  • 11.25
    Bicep (right)
  • 11.25
    Bicep (left)
  • 41.00
  • 16.25
  • 14.25
  • 152.00
    Body Weight


  • Had a great time running in the dark and bitter cold with my bestie!!!

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    Leg day!! 🏋🏼‍♀️
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    (Rest day)
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    Day 3: back, triceps and one mile jog on treadmill

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    Day 2: Biceps, Chest & Dance For Cardio

    Biceps: x4
    Bicep Curls
    Hammer curls
    Out to side curls
    (Squats at end of each set)

    CHEST: x4
    Incline push ups
    Chest press into fly
    Overhead extensions
    (Bridges at the end...

  • 64 oz water & movement done!