10kg Weighted Vest

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10kg Weighted Vest Details

The 10kg Fitstream Weighted Vest is supplied with 10 x 1kg removable weight blocks and can hold up to 30kg. Extra vest weight blocks are available in the store and can be easily added into the vest.

  • 10 x removable 1kg weights 
  • Adjustable up to 30kg with extra weights
  • One size fits all
  • Heavy duty, durable design
  • Vest weight can be adjusted whilst wearing it for efficient training

The Fitstream Weight Vest is designed with a Velcro and ring fastening belt to ensure a snug fit against the torso and even distribution of the weight. This allows the freedom to carry out workouts the way you want in safety, whilst increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the exercise. 

Benefits of the Fitstream Weighted Vest -

  • Develop explosive power, speed, strength and endurance 
  • Promote development of a lean and defined physique 
  • Increases exercise intensity, maximising fat loss and lean muscle
  • Improve vertical jump with plyometric training

Weighted Vest Options

The Fitstream Weighted Vest is available in three different weight options:

ImageWeighted Vest Size
10kg weight vest 10Kg Weighted Vest
20kg fitstream vest 20kg Weighted Vest
30kg weighted vest 30 Kg Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are excellent sports specific training aids for explosive movements. Here are just some of the ways the Fitstream vests are being used all around the world:

  • Weighted vest bodyweight training / weighted calisthenics i.e. push-ups, dips, pull-ups, gymnastics rings training, burpees
  • Weighted vest running / sprints
  • Weighted plyometrics training

Weighted Vest Blocks

The Fitstream Weighted Vest holds 1kg weight plates (as pictured below) up to 30kg. You can buy additional weighted vest blocks in the Fitstream store.


Weighted Vest Video

10kg Weighted Vest Reviews

Read reviews by our customers to make informed decisions about fitness equipment or share your experiences with others and create your own 10kg Weighted Vest review.

Overall customer rating for 10kg Weighted Vest

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Fitstream Vest Review

By jimboki

2011-02-28 17:43:00

At last a vest that you can actually train in. After trying other vests I was put off by the idea as they restrict the way you move and as we all know the free natural motions of the body are very important when it comes to training.

I first put the vest on without the weighted blocks and I was amazed how snug it was. It really clings well to your upper torso and sits just above the core. I was able to move as if it wasnt on at all. Was very happy so far.

I took it off and put in all 30 blocks. They slot very firmly into the pouches. It is very easy to put on even at 30kg, it slips on doing an over head press. The padding is amazing and the weight is very well spread. I could still move as I pleased without restriction.

Ok time to test it out. With my own body weight I can do about 20 pull ups. With the vest I did 3!! This was perfect as I always aim to hit under 12 reps max and as you can adjust the weight from 1kg to 30kg I can now build my self up at a pace.

I will be using the vest for all body weight exercises such as pull ups, press ups, squats etc. Will also work well with the fitness rings. 10/10 perfect!

Bar-barian review of Fitstream weight vest

By retro

2011-06-23 21:11:18

As part of elite bodyweight group the Bar-barians we tested out the Fitstream weighted vest down during one of our workouts at Primrose Hill park, London... 
We've both trained with weighted vests/jackets before - some have been good, others a waste of time - when we got our hands on the Fitstream vest you could see straight away that it was very well made with 30 velcro fastening pockets (15 at the front and 15 at the back) each able to hold a 1kg weighted block so you can load it up with as much or as little weight as you require up to 30kg.
We started out with a little stretch off before the workout then slipped in 10kg into each of the vests and went for a little jog.
The vest's velcro and ring fastening design was easy to use and the vest fitted snugly around the torso and there was no unfastening of the velcro  during the run. 
We also tried out some squat thrusts, burpees and a couple of sprint bursts with the vest on, again the vest held tight during the exercises and you could really feel the intensity increase with the extra 10kg strapped to the body.
After the warm up we got into a hard weighted dip and pull up session. We loaded up one vest with 20kg and the other we maxed it out with  30kg. We started out doing supersets, 10 x pull ups with the 20kg vest then take that vest off and put on the 30 kg vest for 15 x dips - taking it in turns.
We definitely recommend using a vest over a dipping belt for exercises as it distributes the weight better and has much more uses (ever tried doing a muscle up with a dipping belt and plate?). With the extra weight added the intensity of the workout went up dramatically - the vest was perfect for doing both exercises, the vest doesn't flap around like some of the jacket style ones and there was no awkwardness in the shoulder straps when performing the pull ups. 
The Fitstream weighted vest is as good a vest as any we have tried out, including the MiR and BOX vests which are probably the best known brands on the market.
The vest is easy to use, the blocks easily slide in and out of the pockets but sit snugly inside. It can be taken off quickly and easily for when you want to do a drop set of pull ups, dips, press ups etc.
It's a good heavy duty, durable bit of equipment and we now train with it to build body weight/lean muscle two or three times a week as part of our routines - If you train in a gym or park, keep the vest in the boot of your car or if you train at home store it under your bed for when you need it.

Fitstream Weighted Vest

By ken1

2011-10-19 13:07:45

OK I have just recived my vest today, the quality is first class. I agree with everything said in the other reviews, so I wont go over it all again, but I would like to say, I recived first class servise from the guys at Fitstream and I will surly be ordering more Items in the future.

10/10 frome me

Weighted Vest

By robymurray

2011-10-26 19:57:29

First things first, an absolute first class service from fitstream, well done guys.

The weighted vest is well made, fits well and really intesifies your work out. From squats to press ups and pull ups you really get a sweat on. I'm 5'10 and 11 and a half stone, I will be buying more weight for it soon.

Weighted Vest Additional Weights

By ken1

2011-10-28 9:32:22

I have just added more wighted blocks to my vest, they fit nice and snug in the pouches, no movement while training.

Once again great service from the guys at Fitstream, and super fast delivery.

Many thanks


What a product!!! A*****

By jorge666

2013-01-24 18:55:58

Well I got my vest this afternoon (just the 10KG) and tried a quick 360 circuit with it, well all I can say is one word... WOW!! I can see this is going to be one of the smartest decisions I have ever made regarding my training, I mean, aside from the quality of the manufacturing, which is as good as anything offered from Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc easily... it fits well, doesn't restrict movement, and the thing is bulletproof the stitching and design is fantastic really heavy duty, weights sit snugly, doesn't bounce around one bit.

Also the usage of this thing is limitless, just a simple bodyweight circuit of dips, inverted push ups, sit ups and a couple of other movements mixed in, that is usually a warm up becomes BARBARIC!! cannot wait to get the rest of the weight, as somebody my size will burn off as many calories WALKING at 5kph (with a fully laden vest) as you would jogging at 11kph (without it on) mile-for-mile so anyone wanting to get ripped to the teeth but siuffers with recurring leg injuries through excessive outdoor pavement pounding while running like I do can get shredded just by walking and noit smash your legs to pieces!! WIN WIN!! 

Cannot wait to get the rest of the weights and get smashing it, who needs a gym membership when you got this mofo?!

Top class product guiys, cannot rate highly enough!!


Best Weight Vest in the UK

By 98percentgorilla

2015-08-06 17:19:52

I've been using my 10Kg vest now for six months and it's performed fantastically. Fit. Using the Velcro fasteners it's possible to get a really snug fit with minimal movement if you are doing dynamic stuff. I use mine for hill sprints as well as general calisthenics and it's great. The vest sits fairly high so it sits above the waist. I'm 5'8" and find there's no interference with waist movement and I can bend and twist easily. Durability. Rock solid. No problems whatsoever after six months heavy use. Stitching is top quality and the material seems bulletproof. Much much better than some vests which are made of really soft material that just flops about. This vest really keeps its shape and doesn't sag at all when loaded. Useful to know. If you are using a partially loaded vest there are going to be one or two rows of weight slots unused so it pays to experiment with the positioning of the weights. If you are running it feels a lot better to load from the top down which gives it more stability. Although minimal there is a bit of unavoidable movement when sprinting if the weights are in the lowest row and the upper rows are empty. Downsides. None really except you do get some people looking as if to see whether there are wires coming out of the pockets and you are holding a detonator.... Other than that it's unmatched in the UK for price and performance.

Fitstream Vest & Fitstream Calisthenics Gloves

By voras

2015-10-03 12:13:59

I would first like to mention Fitstream service team they did great job and knows perfectly well how to look after their customers. There was a problem for the delivery address. Contact was made with me. The problem was settled instantly. The package was delivered the next day. The time between order and delivery was less than a week. (Shipping address Ireland). Well done Fitstream team. Well, on the product so far, I can say that very good quality, fit perfectly to the body and wide freedom of movement. I'm getting ready for a very important adventure series called 'Expedition 70N' in Arctic Circle, North Norway. I need to build strong endurance... I need melt fat on my body and make muscles... I need the best physical preparation... A week ago i began workout without weights in the vest, i wanted to make sure if l can properly perform exercises. Everything's just fine only now the sweat flowing streams :) From now on start increasing weights. My goal after 12 months of training carry out all the exercises with maximum weight in Fitstream vest. After a few months I will write how Fitstream Vest & Fitstream Calisthenics gloves are going to withstand my physical stress.

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