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Make Your Own Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment can be expensive, we get that. Sometimes it's fun and effective to just create your own. From DIY sandbags to made-it-myself gymnastics rings, from time to time we'll write up our experiences in creating our own kit and put it through its paces. 

DIY PVC Parallettes Article Released 03-08-2010


We've now released our guide article to help make your own PVC parallettes

Parallettes are an incredible bodyweight training tool and this article sees the introduction of a new area to our site devoted to DIY Fitness Equipment.

Here we'll be posting all our tried-and-tested methods for making your own training equipment.

Elite fitness can be forged out of the most basic of kit and sometimes it's better, cheaper or just more satisfying to make it with your own two hands!

This first article on how to make PVC parallettes is a great first addition to the DIY fitness section. PVC parallettes are a firm CrossFit favourite the world over and offer a really simple, durable and affordable way to begin bodyweight training. 

Anyone who turns their nose up to bodyweight training should be invited to 'play' around on a set of parallettes because they represent true strength and take true dedication to master. Even the most basic exercises are incredibly difficult so if you're just starting out then prepare to be pissed off because these things are hard work and can be very frustrating, but ultimately very rewarding. 

In the article you'll find detailed instructions on making parallettes from PVC pipe and it also includes a video overview and PDF checklist to help you on your way. 

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DIY Bamboo Bike 22-12-2009

A new Brooklyn based company lets customers build their own bikes by hand from bamboo during a guided weekend workshop. 


Bamboo Bike Studio are the company behind the idea who advertise that one weekend is all it takes to "assemble the components, and roll away with a custom-fitted ride, tuned to your body and cycling style". All this made from a renewable material growing in their backyard, a material which is not only stronger and lighter than steel, but also easier to work with. 

We love this idea, not just because it's eco friendly or for a worthy cause (All proceeds directly support the first bamboo bike factories in developing countries) but because we've always been drawn into the appeal of building our own fitness or strength equipment where possible. Using something to shape your physique, build strength and get in shape that was put together with your own two hands inherently appeals to us and the Bamboo Bike Factory take this to a new level. 

For more information on Bamboo Bikes, the weekend bike-building workshop and their prices, check out the website at Bamboo Bike Studio

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