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Fitstream is an online journal that can be used to track your health and fitness. Transform your body by recording your measurements, progress pics and notes using our free app to build your personal timeline.

Simple tracking you can see

Start tracking for free today

Record body photo, measurements & journal entries
Analyse reports and view charts on progress
Track data as public to share with the community or private to keep secure
Stay motivated as you build a timeline of your body and see how you change
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How does Fitstream work?

Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, learn how to transform your body with Fitstream.

Download the app

Fitstream have created a free body tracking app for Apple iOS (Android version is coming soon!).

The app is being used by thousands of people around the world to journal their health and fitness progress.

Track your body

Use the app to record information about your body.

  • Take weekly progress pictures
  • Write journal entries and notes
  • Record body measurements, such as weight, body fat %, waist, thighs, chest, biceps and more

You can keep your logs private or publish them to the Fitstream community to share your progress.

See your progress

See just how far you've come by browsing your health and fitness stream, comparing photos and viewing reports.

Fitstream is a great way to stay motivated and meet those goals.

See and share your results

See the results for yourself and when you need that extra boost, share to facebook and the Fitstream community to show others your remarkable progress.