Fitness Tools

Manage, measure and track your fitness with Fitstream tools and calculators. We believe that technology can help compliment your health and fitness training and bring insight and inspiration to help meet your goals.

Body Tracking & Fitness Journal

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BMI Calculator

The Body Mass Index Calculator is a simple online tool that's widely used for measuring body fat in adults. Based upon your height and weight, this tool can be used to indicate if you're underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

Gym Finder

The Fitstream Gym Finder allows you to locate and explore gyms and parks from around the world. Use the Gym Finder to find the perfect calisthenics park or fitness gym in a place near you.

One Rep Max

This calculator will estimate your one rep maximum based on weight and repetitions and can be useful for designing a training program. It will also calculate your 5, 10 and 15 rep max lifts based on your one-rep calculation.