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A Powerful Way to Start the New Year

We give you our step by step guide on how to start a New Year and ensure you start off on the right path and mindset... Read More

Jan 04 2018 Managing Your Health and Fitness
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Fitstream App FAQ

A collection of your most frequently asked questions about how to use our app... Read More

Feb 16 2017 Fitstream
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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We explore why you should stop comparing yourself to others and how to build a healthier mindset to help you build your ideal body... Read More

Jul 08 2016 Community
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101 Self Experimentation Ideas to Build a Better You

Be inspired with our 101 self-experimentation ideas to build a stronger, healthier and leaner you... Read More

Feb 22 2016 Managing Your Health and Fitness
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Community Guidelines

Read our community guidelines to understand how to get the most out of Fitstream and how to interact with your fellow community members... Read More

Oct 08 2015 Community
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Fitstream Manifesto

The Fitstream Manifesto is your pledge to earn your body transformation and create a stronger, healthier and leaner version of you... Read More

Oct 05 2015 Community
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Project Managing Your Health and Fitness - The Key to Success

We describe how you can use basic principles of project management to take control of your health and fitness and achieve success. From weight loss to building muscle, remove the ambiguity and put a simple plan in place... Read More

Feb 16 2015 Managing Your Health and Fitness
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How to Run a Body Transformation Competition

In this article we give you simple instructions on how to run your very own body transformation competition. An excellent way to motivate weight loss, cutting or bulking as part of a group... Read More

Jan 30 2015 Managing Your Health and Fitness
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How to Create Your Own Body Transformation Challenge

Learn how to set-up your own body transformation challenge as a powerful way to lose weight, build muscle and create a stronger, healthier version of you in only 30 days... Read More

Dec 09 2014 Managing Your Health and Fitness
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A Framework for Self Experimentation

Taking a self experimentation approach to your health and fitness will help you build a stronger and healthier body. In this article we give you a simple framework to start experimenting and tracking your results today... Read More

Oct 27 2014 Managing Your Health and Fitness