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Aiming to simplify fitness, our mission is to help people get stronger, leaner and to build well-rounded recreational athletes.

We strip away the BS and provide fitness equipment and applications to build an elite, healthy body with iron and effort.

Fitness Equipment

Visit the Fitstream shop for the very best in functional fitness, calisthenics and gymnastics equipment. We're committed to providing best-in-class gear, rigorously tested for daily use. From gymnastics rings and resistance bands, to kettlebells, and weighted vests.

Fitness Training

Explore the Fitstream exercise database and workouts for training tutorials and guides to help build muscle, lose fat and develop well-rounded fitness.

Health & Fitness Articles

Read concise, researched articles on health and fitness to train intelligently and enhance results in minimum time.

Fitstream Blog

Take-in the latest Fitstream news, product developments and anything that catches our eyes in the strength and fitness world on our blog.

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Our commitment

Fitstream is committed to working with best-in-class fitness equipment, rigorously tested and constructed to withstand heavy daily use by the world's most demanding fitness enthusiasts.


We don't believe in choosing between Olympic lifting, calisthenics or gymnastics. We choose fitness. Well-rounded and capable physiques forged from diversity, intensity and dedication.

Fitstream is for everyday people wanting good health and an elite physique that not only looks amazing, but can perform too, using tools & techniques that are beautifully primitive, yet brutally effective.

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