Resistance Bands & Tubes

Browse our selection of heavy duty resistance bands for strength and fitness training. These layered, latex bands can be used for assistance exercises, rehabilitation, adding progressive resistance to weight training, ballistic running drills, stretching and more...

Micro Resistance Band


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Resistance Tubes Set


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Mini Resistance Band


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Super-Mini Resistance Band


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Small Resistance Band


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Medium Resistance Band


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Large Resistance Band


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Mini Resistance Band Set


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Large Resistance Band Set


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Complete Resistance Band Set


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Titan Resistance Tube


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Sprint Band


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Resistance Band Accessory Pack


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Resistance band training

Resistance bands and tubing are one of the cheapest, yet most flexible items of fitness equipment available. They can be used as assistance equipment when learning advanced movements like the planche, to adding progressive resistance to weight training exercises and even in developing speed and acceleration skills through ballistic running drills.

Add handles to your resistance bands to make them ultra-portable gyms in their own right, allowing for a host of total-body exercises such as band push-ups, curls, and squats to name but a few.

Our commitment

Fitstream is committed to working with best-in-class fitness equipment, rigorously tested and constructed to withstand heavy daily use by the world's most demanding fitness enthusiasts.


We don't believe in choosing between Olympic lifting, calisthenics or gymnastics. We choose fitness. Well-rounded and capable physiques forged from diversity, intensity and dedication.

Fitstream is for everyday people wanting good health and an elite physique that not only looks amazing, but can perform too, using tools & techniques that are beautifully primitive, yet brutally effective.

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