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12kg Kettlebell Classic Details

The Classic design kettlebells are the perfect choice if you're just starting out with kettlebell training.

The Fitstream Classic Kettlebell is a solid cast iron kettlebell with steel handle and is available in two sizes - 8kg and 12kg.   

Fitstream Classic Kettlebell Weights
8 kg Kettlebell
12 kg Kettlebell

For our high-grade steel Olympic Kettlebells, available in heavier weights up to 40kg please see the Fitstream Kettlebell Pro Grade range.

Which kettlebell weight do you need?

ProfileKettlebell weight to start with (KG)
Average man 16 kg Kettlebell (Available in Pro Grade range only)
Stronger than average man 20 kg Kettlebell (Available in Pro Grade range only)
Very strong man 24 kg Kettlebell (Available in Pro Grade range only)
Average woman 8kg Kettlebell 
Strong woman 12kg Kettlebell 

Men: A 16kg kettlebell is a good starting point for the average man. This sized kettlebell will serve you for some time and when you outgrow it, they always come in handy for warm-ups, high-rep sets and when you're trying to master a new kettlebell exercise. 

When you're proficient with the 16kg kettlebell most men move onto the 24kg, 32kg kettlebells, and then onto double kettlebell training.

Women: The average woman should start with an 8kg kettlebell and athletic women can begin with a 12kg kettlebell. Some women work their way up to 16kg kettlebells upwards.

Note: It's a common problem to buy a kettlebell that's too heavy for your strength / skill level.

A 16kg kettlebell might not sound particularly heavy but for the beginner male it's usually more than sufficient. It's dangerous to buy a kettlebell that is beyond your means and please bear in mind that kettlebell training is fundamentally different to standard weight training as there are many swinging exercises as well as lifts.

If in doubt select a lighter kettlebell and work up. 

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For a list of example kettlebell exercises, with hints, tips and illustrations take a look at the Fitstream kettlebell exercise directory or read the guide to kettlebells article. 

If you would like specific information on the Fitstream Classic Kettlebell please don't hesitate to contact us at admin@fitstream.com.

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Worth it

By robymurray

2011-10-26 20:05:49

I contemplated whether to get a 12kg for a while. I consider myself quite strong for my size, and lots of advise and literature says to go for the 16kg. But the 12kg bells are worth it for the extra burn for conditioning. Excellent service from fitstream, well done.

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