The Human Trainer

by Astone Fitness | Suspension Trainers


  • The Human Trainer Details

    The Human Trainer is a high quality dual-strap suspension trainer for flexible bodyweight training.

    It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is a perfect solution for creating a total-body home gym training system in your own home. The Human Trainer can be attached to any standard doorway without the need for permanent fixings.


    Human Trainer Components:

    • Main strapping system
    • Foot cradles
    • Door anchor attachments
    • Standard handles
    • Versatility anchor attachments
    • Ceiling mounts
    • Ab straps
    • Storage bag

    The Human Trainer comes with everything you need to start training right away and also comes with a fully illustrated workout manual and DVD (optional).

    The ultra-portable, heavy-duty design can be easily taken on the move and will ensure you always have a full-body strength workout at your disposal - whether in a hotel room, gym, at the park, or even in the office.

    Human Trainer Anchor Points

    The Human Trainer can be setup in seconds and doesn't require permanent fixings. Potential anchor points include -

    • Trees
    • Fences
    • Doors
    • Weight racks
    • Heavy bag mounts
    • Railings
    • Sturdy beams
    • Pull-up bars
    • Football posts
    • Children jungle gyms

    Optional mounts are available which allow you to connect the suspension trainer to your ceiling if required.

    Human Trainer Exercises

    The versatility of suspension trainers are virtually unparalleled as they can be used to intensely train the entire body almost anywhere. From suspended crunches to bodyweight kings like push-ups and dips, the Human Trainer offers it all and has exercises that are scalable for beginners to advanced fitness levels.

    The independent dual-strap design (instead of single strap systems like the TRX) means that the Human Trainer is a much more flexible system and can allow you to adjust the width of the units so as not to interfere with exercises like the muscle-up.

    For more information about suspension training and how you can build a lean, strong and defined body see suspension training articles or suspension training exercises.

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  • The Human Trainer Exercises

    See example exercises below for The Human Trainer.

    Suspended Single Squat Thumb

    Suspended Single Leg Squat Suspension training exercises

    Intensely train the lower body with one-legged squats. This notoriously difficult exercise can be learned using a suspension trainer for assistance.

    Suspended Chest Press Thumb

    Suspended Chest Press Suspension training exercises

    The suspended chest press is a beginners upper-body strength exercise for those that are not quite strong enough for unassisted push-ups or would like to vary the angle and intensity of the exercise using a suspension trainer.

    Suspended Oblique Crunch Thumbnail

    Suspended Crunch Suspension training exercises

    The suspended crunch exercise uses a suspension trainer to intensely train the core body and abdominals. This is a highly effective ab exercise that allows you a great deal of flexibility due to the free moving suspension trainer.


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