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    If you want to read about why you should be suspension training and the health / strength benefits of doing so, try our suspension training guide.

    This article reviews the most popular suspension training system available today - the TRX by Fitness Anywhere.

    What is the TRX Suspension Trainer?

    The TRX Suspension Trainer is a portable, club-quality, nylon webbing system with handles, foot cradles and anchoring attachments which allows you to perform hundreds of exercises in a suspended state to develop the entire body. TRX stands for Total-Body Resistance Exercise.

    The product was originally developed by The US Navy for its Navy SEAL forces so that they could continue to train even when deployed on missions for extended periods of time. This lightweight, portable device allows you to train almost anywhere and maintain elite fitness levels. It can be attached to any standard door using the door jam, or to any stable structure from which you can wrap the anchor and carabineer – including squat racks, trees, ceiling joists/beams/mounts.

    The TRX unit uses your own body weight against gravity to increase strength, stability and endurance. It’s particularly effective at developing the core body and abdominals as it requires a lot of effort to stabilize the independent mobility of the trainer during exercises.

    Scalable training

    The intensity of the exercise is easily adjusted by changing the body position or by adjusting the length of the trainer and the angle at which the exercises are performed. In some cases, the TRX system can assist you in performing an exercises more easily, such as one legged squats, which are notoriously difficult to do unaided.

    Even the fittest individuals amongst us can have an extremely challenging workout with the TRX and you will feel muscles you never knew you had.

    A breakdown of the TRX


    The TRX Suspension Anchor connects safely and securely to rafters, beams, weight racks, fences, or any safe weight bearing load. Please note that the TRX Door Anchor is not pictured here, but this device fixes to the main anchor and allows you to suspension train using any standard household door without the need for any permanent fixings or damage.

    The 1.5" industrial-grade nylon webbing provides strength, dependability, and durability as you train and has a rated tensile strength to support over 1500 lbs. It is sewn with heavy-gauge bonded nylon thread and double-stitched for strength and durability. The system is adjustable from 6' to 12' in length to accommodate users of all sizes and abilities.

    Non-slip high-grade steel CAM Buckles adjust straps instantly for users of all sizes and will hold securely during use. A sturdy carabineer is used to secure the trainer with locking tooth to ensure safe training for the most demanding of users.

    Institutional-grade handles with built-in foot cradles enable hundreds of exercise variations.

    The TRX Suspension Training System is of professional grade construction, it's rugged and built to last and weighs in at less than 2 lbs. It can be folded up to be carried in a gym bag or suitcase meaning that you never have to miss another workout!

    Where to find the TRX Suspension Trainer?

    The TRX is available through Fitness Anywhere Inc. at There are more than 300 exercises for strength, flexibility and core stability. It comes with a comprehensive demonstration DVD and basic guidebook. There is also a Military Fitness Guide developed by the Navy SEALs selection program.
    The product starts at around $149.95. There are a variety of packages available to suit your training needs and a range of mounting equipment, DVD and user guides is provided.


    TRX Product Bundles / What do you get with the TRX?

    The TRX comes in different combination product bundles:


    TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack

    This is the most popular package we recommend for the average consumer. It contains everything you need to start suspension training in and around your home.

    In the TRX Home Training Bundle you will get:

    • TRX Suspension Trainer – the top selling club quality suspension trainer
    • TRX Door Anchor – to attach the trainer to any standard household door. 
    • TRX All-Body Xpress workout DVD and guide
    • TRX storage bag


    TRX Force Kit

    This is the TRX package which offers the TRX Suspension Trainer Tactical, a suspension training system designed specifically for the nation’s elite forces.

    In the TRX Force Kit you package you will get:

    • TRX Suspension trainer tactical – a military version of the standard TRX pro.
    • TRX Force DVD and Guide – which includes two-real time workouts and an easy to follow waterproof guide. 
    • TRX Door Anchor Tactical – to attach the trainer to any standard household door. 
    • TRX storage bag

    Who is training on the TRX?

    The TRX has been adopted by professional athletes, top trainers and coaches, leading fitness clubs and military personnel around the world. Many of the biggest names in the world of sports and fitness are taking advantage of the benefits of suspension training including professional NHL and NFL teams and elite level athletes. 

    The TRX is perfect for;

    • Professional athletes and active individuals of all ages and fitness levels who strive to improve their physical performance
    • Leading health and fitness clubs or training centers that want to deliver cutting-edge fitness programs for members and clients.
    • Military and first responders who train to become operation ready for active duty.


    These are the most commonly asked questions specific to the TRX but we have a general FAQ for suspension training.

    Do I need any other equipment?
    The TRX, your body and motivation is all you need for suspension training. With the TRX you can get a great workout and train the entire body! Although you can use other equipment with the TRX if you like to provide increased variety and different challenges.

    What is the TRX made of? Is it elastic?
    No, the TRX is constructed of industrial strength nylon webbing, so the resistance is generated by controlled bodyweight exercises and gravity rather than the stretching of elastic bands.

    Is there a weight limit for the size of person using the TRX Suspension Trainer?
    There is a maximum recommended weight of 350 lbs (158 kg) although the trainer has been load tested to up to 1400 lbs.

    How do I find more suspension training exercises?
    If you visit the exercise directory of our website, there is a selection of suspension training instructions with photos and videos. Fitness Anywhere also sell a large selection of TRX Guides & DVD Programs and the TRX Pro itself ships with a DVD guide and waterproof exercise guide.

    How much space do I need to train on the TRX?
    To be able to perform all exercises on the TRX, you will need a comfortable space that is 6 feet wide and 8 feet in length.

    What length should I keep the straps at when  training?
    For suspended exercises (the ones with your feet in the foot cradles) your TRX should be 8-12 inches off the ground. When using the TRX for stability the handles should come to about the waist when hanging free.

    I don't have an open beam in my home. How can I anchor my TRX?
    You can easily anchor the TRX to any sturdy door or wall with the TRX Door Anchor and/or TRX X-Mount available at Fitness Anywhere.

    The TRX can also be used with any overhead supporting structure (such as heavy bag mounts, fences, trees, squat racks, smith machines, pull up bars, park equipment, and large vehicles). 

  • TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack Reviews

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    Overall customer rating for TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack

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    Fitstream TRX Suspension Trainer Review

    By kris

    2010-04-05 9:22:57

    Buying the TRX was our first venture into suspension training and we were hooked from the outset. We wanted to add this to our routine because of all the good things we were hearing about suspension training but what most appealed to us was the equipments portability and ability to train the entire body. If, like us, you are one of those unfortunate people who simply hate to miss a workout – the TRX is the answer. If you’re going away on vacation or a business trip, just throw the 1.7lb package in your bag and rig it up to a door in your hotel room and you are set.

    When we decided to buy a suspension trainer we had a look around for the options. From our research there was really only one big name in suspension trainers – Fitness Anywhere, who supply the TRX.

    We bought the TRX Home Training Bundle, which comes with everything you need to start training straight away. Right from opening the box you can tell it’s an excellent product, cleverly designed, with great attention to detail and quality materials and craftsmanship, this thing will probably out-live us. It comes with nice little touches like a quality mesh bag for storage, a waterproof exercise guide and a “KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING!” sign to save you from unwanted visitors (because the last thing you want whilst performing a suspended press-up is someone opening the door and you getting a face full of carpet).

    For such a seemingly simple product it’s incredibly well conceived and superiorly constructed. We really can’t find any fault with it or imagine a better product suited for suspension training. Each neoprene fitted handle has an attached ‘foot loop’ where you can suspend your lower body and try a number of unique ab and core strengthening exercises that simply can’t be done any other way.

    It might seem a little pricey but we doubt you will be disappointed. It is a quality piece of equipment and we can’t ever see the need to replace it because it’s so hardy. It’s portable, lightweight and flexible enough to allow you to train anywhere and don’t be fooled into thinking suspension training can’t be that difficult – some of the exercises are incredibly challenging. We are almost exclusively using the TRX to train our abdominals at the moment it’s so effective (behold the suspended crunch).

    If you are looking for a suspension trainer they don’t come any better than the TRX. We would recommend this product to anyone.

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  • TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack Exercises

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    Suspended Single Squat Thumb

    Suspended Single Leg Squat Suspension training exercises

    Intensely train the lower body with one-legged squats. This notoriously difficult exercise can be learned using a suspension trainer for assistance.

    Suspended Chest Press Thumb

    Suspended Chest Press Suspension training exercises

    The suspended chest press is a beginners upper-body strength exercise for those that are not quite strong enough for unassisted push-ups or would like to vary the angle and intensity of the exercise using a suspension trainer.

    Suspended Oblique Crunch Thumbnail

    Suspended Crunch Suspension training exercises

    The suspended crunch exercise uses a suspension trainer to intensely train the core body and abdominals. This is a highly effective ab exercise that allows you a great deal of flexibility due to the free moving suspension trainer.


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