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latex sealFitstream Resistance Bands are a cost effective and efficient way to improve your fitness training and mainly used for;

  1. Maximising workout intensity
  2. As an assistance aid to learn new exercises
  3. Stretching and rehabilitation.

Why choose Fitstream Bands?

Fitstream bands are extremely high quality and superior to many of the cheaper bands on the market today in durability and effectiveness. Each band is made from layered latex rubber without any sewing. This is essential to help prevent breakage, even under high loads and explosive training. If one layer is compromised the entire band won't split through like cheaper, injection moulded bands that are one single piece of rubber. This means that the life of Fitstream bands is substantially longer and as a result, you will see our bands in top gyms and training facilities. 

Fitstream bands are the choice of gyms and coaches all over the world because of their durability, safeness and effectiveness, and some of our clients have been using their bands for nearly a decade now!

How to use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands allow you to build explosive strength, power and speed in a number of ways. You can secure the bands to barbells, dumbbells or machines to provide progressive resistance for traditional exercises such as squats or bench press.

In addition to helping with strength training the bands can also be used for bodyweight training assistance (assisted pull-ups, dips, handstands etc), powerlifting, stretching, and ballistic running drills.

Choosing your Resistance Band

Fitstream resistance bands are available in seven different resistance levels as determined by band length and width. The resistance level offered by the bands ranges from 2-150 lbs depending on your choice. 

ImageBandWidthLengthResistanceCommonly used for
micro band Micro Resistance Band (orange) 1/4 inch 41 inches 2-15 lbs

Our lightest band, the micro is a useful tool for general warm-ups and stretching. It's also good for anyone new to resistance training, children or pilates. 

mini band Mini Resistance Band (purple) 1/2 inch 41 inches 5-35 lbs

The mini and super-mini bands are best for general fitness training, rehabilitation, stretching, jumping, speed training, aerobics and for adding progressive resistance to weight training exercises.

They're a good choice for relatively light weight lifters who want to add intensity to their workouts without adding additional weight, or for advanced lifters to add considerable resistance to bicep and triceps exercises.

These bands are also commonly used for pull-up assistance training.

Super mini Super-Mini Resistance Band (Red) 13/16 inch 41 inches 10-50 lbs
Small band Small Resistance Band (Blue) 1 1/8 inches 41 inches 25-80 lbs The small and medium are the choice of bands for some of the bigger weight training exercises, stronger bench pressers and movements involving the lower body, calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes.
Medium Band Medium Resistance Band (Green) 1 3/4 inches 41 inches 50-120 lbs
Large band Large Resistance Band (Black) 2 1/2 inches 41 inches 60-150 lbs

The large band is our biggest band and used by very strong, heavy weight lifters for adding serious resistance to squats, deadlifts, leg presses and shrugs.

They can also be used for explosive pulls and resisted stationary running.

Sprint band Extra Long Sprint Band (Green) 1 3/4 inches 79 inches / 2 metres 50-120 lbs  

An extra large resistance band that is 2 metres in length, specially designed for exercises that usually require the joining of two bands together.

This band is a solution for those resisted sprint drills or ballistic running and lunging and will allow for a sprint distance of 12-18 feet depending on an athlete's strength levels.

Band accessory pack

Resistance Band Accessory Pack


The resistance band accessory pack turns your resistance band into a full body gym and extends how your bands can be used. The pack includes; storage bag, two padded handles, door jam, universal connector strap, ankle / wrist attachments and carabiners. 

band handles

Resistance Band Handles


Steel resistance band handles to increase the potential range of exercises. Using these handles you're able to perform curling and pressing movements for a portable gym. 

resistancebandsbenchpressHow to use resistance bands

Heavy duty resistance bands are very popular due to their low cost and versatile uses. Here are just some of the ways they're being used -

  • Weight training
  • Bodyweight assistance exercises
  • Speed and agility training
  • Plyometrics / jumping
  • Aerobics
  • Stretching and warm-up routines
  • Flexibility exercises
  • General conditioning
  • Prehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ring training
  • Kettlebell training

Common exercises that bands are used with include;

  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Handstands / Handstand Push-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Jump Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Dead lift
  • Sprints

For more information on how to use resistance bands for both weight training and assistance work checkout our Guide to Resistance Bands.

Bands vs Free Weights

Resistance bands have advantages to free weights or machines. Firstly, bands are much more portable due to their light weight and small foot space. This means that they are excellent travel companions and are a firm favourite for people who travel frequently and don’t always have access to gym facilities.

Resistance bands also provide variable resistance and you will find that exercises actually increase in difficulty the further they’re stretched. This is contrary to free weights, in which most exercises get easier as you move through the range of motion. As a result, you will often see bands combined with free weights to introduce progressive resistance into traditional weight training exercises.

How long do Fitstream Bands last?

We firmly believe that Fitstream bands are the best on the market. Our bands have been used in gyms around the world for years and are a consistent choice for many top gyms and personal trainers. Some of our clients have bands that are nearly ten years old!

Fitstream bands come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase which covers any manufacturing defects.

How should I store my resistance bands?

To maximize the life span of your bands we recommend that you store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and ensure that they’re wiped down regularly.

How do I setup the Fitstream Resistance Bands

This depends on how you’re using the bands. If you’re using for bodyweight assistance or resistance exercises you don’t need anything other than the bands themselves and your bodyweight.

However, bands are also frequently used with free weight training by hooking the bands directly over barbells or dumbbells for added resistance.

To increase versatility of the bands you can purchase band accessory kits and handles from Fitstream so that you can connect to doors, bars or other anchor points when training.

Video Featuring the Fitstream Resistance Bands

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