Beginner Heavy Grip Set (100lb - 150lb)

Beginner Heavy Grip Set (100lb - 150lb) Details

lifetime guarantee

This beginner's gripper set comes with two Heavy Grip Grippers - the 100lb and 150lb, which is the perfect starter package for developing grip strength. 

Heavy Grips are premium quality hand grippers used to develop serious grip strength and come with a lifetime warranty

Gripper Set contents

  • Heavy Grip 100 Hand Gripper
  • Heavy Grip 150 Hand Gripper

Heavy Grips Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Premium quality, heavy duty build
  • Knurled aluminium handles
  • Available in six different resistance levels for progression.  
Please note that Heavy Grips are a strength training aid, used to develop crushing grip strength that can be pivotal to many sports and activities in daily life. These grippers simply aren't comparable with cheap plastic handled versions used for endurance and multiple repetitions.

Which Grippers do I need?

It's difficult to recommend gripper strength as personal abilities and response to hand strength training vary between individuals, but we've put the table together below as a guide.


Hand Gripper SizesGripper Guide
Heavy Grip 100 Hand Gripper


The perfect gripper for people just starting out with grip training as well as for younger athletes, female athletes, athletes with small hands and as a warm-up for stronger trainers. 

Heavy Grip 150 Hand Gripper


For people with a fairly strong grip, many can often squeeze out a few reps with the Heavy Grip 150 but it can be difficult for women and younger athletes, although it's often achievable with only a few weeks grip training. 

With consistent Heavy Grips training most people find that they're ready for the HG200 from 2-6 weeks because the hand responds so well to low-rep grip training. 

Heavy Grip 200 Hand Gripper


The HG200 offers a resistance level that even people with a naturally strong grip may have trouble closing. 

If you have prior grip training experience you probably won't have too much trouble closing the Heavy Grip 200, but anyone without previous grip training experience will find it very difficult to close the grippers at the beginning. 

When comfortably closing the HG200 for a few reps you will have developed very strong hand strength, which is highly beneficial to sports and strength activities. 

Heavy Grip 250 Hand Gripper


If you can develop grip strength to the point of even closing the HG250 once, your hand strength is well beyond that of the average athlete. 

Usually only people with dedicated grip training, or those who perform heavy manual labour with their hands can close the Heavy Grips 250 on their first attempt. Even if you have trained with weights for many years please don't assume that you'll be able to close the HG250 as it's much tougher than it looks. 

Heavy Grip 300 Hand Gripper

The Gripper King

There are very few people who can perform multiple reps with the Heavy Grip 300 but with dedicated training most males with an average sized hand can build up the necessary hand strength to close a HG300 for at least one rep with regular Heavy Grips training. 

They key to achieving this is a consistent training routine and avoiding over training with an adequate rest period (don't train when hands are still sore). 

Heavy Grip 350 Hand Gripper

The Grip Monster

Developed at the request of those absolute monsters in this world - the Heavy Grips 350lbs Hand Gripper. A truly difficult hand gripper for those with world-class hand strength. 

Please note that different brands of hand grippers are not comparable in strength levels to the Heavy Grips. Heavy Grips test the "twisting force/torque" of the torsion springs and not lateral pressure.

Heavy Grips FAQ

Please see below for our collection of Heavy Grips frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below feel free to email us -

Who should use the Heavy Grips?

The Heavy Grips hand grippers are a highly effective strength training tool for anyone looking to substantially increase wrist, hand and finger strength. 

How do the Heavy Grips compare to other hand grippers on the market?

Hand grippers are not all made equal. The amount of resistance offered by the grippers can be measured in different ways - Heavy Grips measure strength as a conversion of "Torque Twist" so it may not be the same as other brands you're already using. 

Heavy Grips are a premium hand gripper at an affordable price used for serious strength training. They are not comparable to common plastic hand grippers which can typically be used to perform 25+ reps in one set. 

Which gripper should I start with?

Please see our Heavy Grips selection guide above.

How do you determine the strength of the Heavy Grips?

Heavy Grips strength is measured using a standardised testing procedure measuring "Torque Twist", however the strengths are an approximate figure, and classed as fitness equipment rather than a calibrated instrument.

The Heavy Grips are tested in the middle of the gripper and measured in Newton.metres (N.m) and converted to inch-force-pounds, shortened to lbs for marketing purposes. 

How often should I train with my Heavy Grips?

We only recommend training with the Heavy Grips two to three times per week, squeezing the grippers less than 5 to 15 times for each set) as these grippers are designed for intense resistance work to challenge the hands and wrists. 

You should not train again with the hand grippers until they have fully healed and any soreness has gone.

Why are the handles on the Heavy Grips so tough?

Plastic handles simply couldn't handle the torque from the larger springs used in the Heavy Grips and would be too slippery to use. Heavy Grips are made of cast aluminium machine-knurled handles, and the knurling is used so that you can maintain a solid grip.  

How should I train with the Heavy Grips hand grippers?

To develop impressive hand strength you must train your hands similar to any other body part and use low repetitions (only 2-3 times per week, or when fully healed). Also remember to warm-up and stretch your hand before using the Heavy Grips. 

Try to keep the reps in the 5-25 range and when you're able to do 15-25 reps with a particular gripper then it's time to move up a notch!

Even if you aren't able to fully close a gripper you can still train by doing partial reps or forced / negative repetitions until you have built up the required hand strength. 

When you are able to close your hand grippers for 25 or more reps you can use them for warm-ups or super-sets, i.e. use the HG250 for 2 reps, then the HG200 for 8 reps, then the HG150 until failure. 

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