Calisthenics Gloves

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Calisthenics Gloves M Details

The Fitstream Calisthenics Gloves are specially designed for high-intensity calisthenics, street workout and bodyweight bar training.

With a close-fitting, single layer design, the gloves give you comfortable freedom of movement with increased durability and breathability, and a perforated palm enhanced with a Silicone grip that bar athletes love. 

Calisthenics Gloves

Take a closer look at the Fitstream Calisthenics Gloves

The Fitstream Gloves feature;

  • Perforated palm and mesh back for breathability when too hot and a full-fingered layer of warmth when too cold
  • Velcro fastening for a secure fit
  • Textured Silicone pattern on palm for enhanced, reliable grip of bars and beams
  • Durable, hardwearing design to withstand intense fitness training and prevent callouses and blisters

The calisthenics glove is designed for a close, athletic-form fit with a low profile, whilst not compromising on grip or durability.

They are commonly chosen for;

  • Calisthenic and bar training gloves
  • Full-fingered, all-around fitness and gym gloves
  • Tough Mudder, Total Warrior or other mud run/obstacle course gloves

Calisthenics Gloves Testimonials

The Fitstream Calisthenics are used by bar athletes all over the world (over 28 different countries and counting!) and have an excellent reputation... but don't take our word for it and read some of our reviews below or search Google and Instagram. 

@omarbitar on Instagram says...

"Used these babies (can you call gloves that??) from @fitstream - #calisthenics gloves. Loved them! Super light, no padding, just the perfect grip and glide for all the bar work such as muscle-ups and monkey bars. Finally a quality product!"

France Calisthenics Gloves

Choosing the right size glove

To find out your glove size, measure your dominant hand, wrapping a tape measure around. Do this just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb, and make a fist. This measurement is your "hand width" glove size.

The gloves are close form fitting, so if in doubt we'd suggest ordering the next size up to be safe.  

size guide

Small Calisthenics Glove 7.9 20 
Medium Calisthenics Glove 8.3 21
Large Calisthenics Glove 8.7 22
Extra Large Calisthenics Glove 9.0 23

Calisthenics Gloves Reviews

Read reviews by our customers to make informed decisions about fitness equipment or share your experiences with others and create your own Calisthenics Gloves M review.

Overall customer rating for Calisthenics Gloves M

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By 386

2014-04-10 7:38:04

Just a pair of gloves BUT easily the best I've used. A little more expensive than your standard sports direct substitute but well worth it. I did measure exactly a medium on my hand (perfect fit but a bit tight to get on) so perhaps consider going up a size if you're the same!

Best Outdoor Training Gloves

By 98percentgorilla

2015-08-06 17:01:47

I've had my pair for over six months now and feel I can offer a balanced review based on fairly extensive experience. When I found these online I had been looking for ages for gloves that would be good for general outdoor training as well as bar workouts and running when it was cold. I usually combine running with my calisthenics so something comfortable for both was essential. I also suffer badly from poor circulation to my fingers which is made much worse by touching the cold ground or bar in the winter so gloves that insulate me from that but retain a good 'feel' for the ground or bar are essential. To be honest I'd pretty much given up finding anything that worked for me until I found these and I can honestly say these are the absolute best workout gloves for calisthenics I have ever found. Grip. The pattern on the palms and fingers gives a good amount of grip on the bar but not too much so you stick to the bar and can't rotate your hands doing skills like muscle ups. They also give you a good grip on all kinds of ground surfaces including indoor ones like carpets and Lino which I have found really useful for doing bridge work where I often get that nasty feeling that my hands are going to slip and dump me on my head. No need to take my yoga mat everywhere anymore! Before these I was using Marmot XTs which are fantastic for some things but too sticky on the bar so it's impossible to rotate the hands so I prefer the Fitstreams. The Marmots are also nearly five times as expensive. I also have a pair of Petzl Work (rappelling) gloves but I find those way too slippery for bar work and too heavy to run in comfortably so I think the decision is definitely in favour of the Fitstreams. Insulation. Probably not the most important issue for most people but since I suffer really badly for touching anything cold especially metal it's really really important for me and the main reason I wear gloves at all in the winter/spring. These are basically lightweight gloves but the material on the palms is enough to keep the cold out when I'm hanging off a high bar or doing push-ups on the cold ground. It's a good balance in terms of insulation and overall weight which allows them to be comfortable for running too. Durability. I used these a lot in the winter and was out training pretty much every day in all weathers doing all kinds of bar based calisthenics and ground work. I've used them less in the summer but still pretty much every workout when I want sticky hands on the floor for bridges. Over six months they have stood up to everything I've thrown at them and show hardly any sign of wear except a slight wearing away of the grip pattern although nothing that majorly impacts their performance. Much better than most gym gloves I've had over the (many) years I've been working out. Fit. I used the measurement technique recommended by the Fitstreams website to pick the size and that worked perfectly. Overall. For the money these are an amazing buy and I'd recommend them to anyone in need of a full finger glove for calisthenics training. Basically you can't go wrong.

they are really good

By bastianlopez

2016-04-29 9:10:12

quite comfortable, fitting perfekt, looking good for chin- and pull-ups they are ok. i use the gloves more for the human flag (vertical pole) its like they were glued on the pole ...amazingly strong without any slipping at all


By Vimislicky

2019-05-26 16:36:25

Just bring that to me

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