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layered latexThe Large Resistance Band Set comes as a discounted pack of three bands;

These premium quality training bands, 41” long are made of latex rubber and constructed in layers for extreme durability and come with a one-year defect warranty.

Fitstream bands are used in gyms the world over and are renowned for their high quality and durability. The layered latex manufacture ensures that the bands don't fail at the slightest hint of damage. 

ImageBandGuides for band use
Small band Small Resistance Band (blue 25-80 lbs resistance) The small and medium fitness bands are a good choice for people who have a stronger bench press and exercises involving the lower body, calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes.
Medium Band Medium Resistance Band (green 50-120 lbs resistance)
Large band Large Resistance Band (black 60-150 lbs resistance)

The large band is used by very strong, heavy weight lifters. It adds serious resistance to squats, deadlifts, leg presses and shrugs and can also be used for explosive pulls and resisted stationary running.

Here's the Small Resistance Band in action -

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Great product, great service

By auntyandy

2013-03-29 22:47:40

(cut & pasted email)

Hi Kris.
The verdict? Bloody fantastic!
I can stand on the black one and do an overhead press several times, but in actual fact, metabolic circuits, even for a beefcake (?) like me only need the blue. My legs positively ache from split squats. Also enjoying stiff legged deadlifts too.
I was expecting versatility, but clearly hadn't really appreciated what is possible. I haven't been to the gym since they arrived, and I love the gym. I've had all the kids doing it too, even the two year old has got involved! We love a good plank competition in this house. And at last, with added resistance from a band across the back, for once I haven't been shown up by my six year old!
Anyway, they're great, you've been great, so thanks ever so. If you ever need a testimonial, use this message, or email me and I'll be only to delighted to write something.
Oh, and of course, if I manage to get my building sorted (long, painful story), and my business up and running, I'll be back for a job lot of these bands.
Kind regards,

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