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Power Wheel Details

The Power Wheel is the ultimate ab training kit and comes highly recommended from prominent fitness professionals from around the world.

The wheel has been designed for use with hands and feet and will dramatically improve core strength, power and balance. The Power Wheel also helps strengthen the chest, back, arms, core and legs and is adjustable to fit all athletes.

How to use the power wheel

The Power Wheel is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that is designed for abdominal and core training. 

  • Connect to feet to perform push-ups, pike-ups, inch worms, leg curls, and many more
  • Hold with hands to do wheel rollouts from a standing or kneeling position 

A common exercise for the Power Wheel is to attach the equipment to your feet and perform "walk outs" by getting into a push-up position and walking forward with the hands. This can be done forwards or backwards, for set distances and under time limits. This is an excellent exercise that helps to build the strongest abs and back possible. 

How does the Power Wheel work?

Whether the Power Wheel is attached to your feet or your hands your body is challenged to stabilise itself as the wheel moves, engaging the entire core throughout the exercise. 


What is included with the Power Wheel?

  • The Fitstream Power Wheel comes complete with 14" wheel (solidly constructed with foot pedals and extended foam cushioned axle to accommodate both hands and feet)
  • Velcro toe fasteners and latex looped heel fasteners

Power Wheel Reviews

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Power Wheel Ab Trainer

By kris

2010-05-21 23:32:52

We love the standard ab wheels that have been around for decades. They're simplicity at its best - and so effective for training the core body and building dense, defined abs.

The Power Wheel is the standard ab wheels bigger and better brother and it's one of the few tools we use exclusively for abdominal training. The build quality is superb and the design is brilliantly executed. 

The Power Wheel is also really fun to use - which is important because we find traditional ab training methods quite tedious and boring usually. The wheel is a nice twist to your training which kind of makes you feel part man part machine and keeps interest up. 

As well as standard ab rollouts you can strap the Power Wheel to your feet and just walk out with your hands. It's intense to say the least, but it gets the job done and helps carve out a solid six pack and most importantly, a strong core. 


It might not be the cheapest equipment in the world but you pay for quality - and you won't need to ever buy another. The Power Wheel is a great product that I highly recommend. 


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