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Speed Rope Details

The Fitstream Speed Rope is built for durability with a coated cable that is capable of incredible speeds.

The high-performance cable can be easily adjusted in length and is engineered with a bearing mechanism to reduce friction.

This is the ultimate equipment for jump rope conditioning and skipping and double-unders.

Speed Rope features

  • 9ft adjustable coated steel cable
  • 6.1" length molded handle
  • Bearing mechanism
  • Total weight of jump rope approximately 111g

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Without prejudice!!!

By seris

2013-06-27 14:58:09

To begin with, sorry for my english, i am from Greece and the rope was on my home in 3 days!!!
I was using a weighted rope for 7 months and this is my FIRST speed rope.

First workout with it and i:

  • Managed to skip 15min in a row, first time(i usually did 3min in a row with the weighted one)
  • 10 double unders in a row!!!

Now, about the quality i have to say that the rope is robust and it gives you the feeling of a very durable and high quality product.
!!! The only thing i notice is that the bearing mechanism that is contiguoused with the cable need a little bit of oil to spin correctly for the first time !!!!

After all, i recommend this to everyone!!!!

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