Weighted Vests

Browse our collection of premium weighted vests used by athletes around the world. These heavy-duty weight vests are weight-adjustable up to 30 kg / 66 lbs.

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Overview Raise the intensity of cardiovascular workout and introduce more resistance to bodyweight and calisthenics with a weighted vest. Extremely versatile equipment for building strength, power and endurance.  
Fitness skills Strength, Agility, Cardiovascular, Power, Speed, Stamina.
Resources Weighted vest articles
Also known as Weight vest. 

Weight vests

Training with a weighted vest is an easy and safe way to increase your body weight and add intensity to your workouts to build maximum strength, lose weight and improve endurance leves.

A weighted vest will securely and evenly distribute the additional weighted load over your torso and allow you to overcome plateaus and incrementally increase the weight used during your fitness training. 

Wear your weight vest when walking, running, ring training or working out at the gym for excellent results.

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