Browse our selection of power clubs for total fitness training, general conditioning or rehabilitation workouts.

Fitness clubs are available in weights from 4kg to 20kg.

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Build strength and burn fat with efficient club training.

Ideal for building shoulder strength and flexibility.  

Fitness skills Agility, Balance, Cardiovascular, Coordination, Strength, Stamina. 
Resources Club training articles, Club exercises
Also known as Weighted clubs, Weight clubs, Clubbells, Powerclubs. 

Club training

Lift and swing your way to stronger, leaner physique with one of the most primitive training equipment known to man - the club.

Similar to the kettlebell, the weighted club is fast becomming one of the best pieces of functional fitness equipment available today. The club offers combined cardiovascular and strength training, making it a highly effective and time efficient workout.

Weighted clubs are also commonly referred to as Clubbells, Power Clubs or Strength Clubs.

Club exercises

There are hundreds of possible club exercises that can be tailored to your regime, whatever your fitness goals - be it weight loss, strength, or muscle oriented.


Check out our guide to club training article or browse the exercise directory for specific weighted club exercises.

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