Circuit Training Workout One

Circuit training is a form of workout that sees athletes combining resistance training with high-intensity aerobics, moving from exercise-to-exercise in quick succession to build strength and muscular endurance.

This easy-to-follow, beginners circuit workout is an efficient conditioning program for developing your strength, endurance and enhancing fat loss.

Workout difficulty Intermediate
Workout Category Circuit training workouts
Equipment required

Pull-up equipment, Barbell and weights

No. of exercises 5
Physical Skills Cardiovascular, Strength, Power, Speed

Circuit workout instructions

To complete a circuit, each exercise must be performed sequentially that is assigned to the program. When one circuit is complete, the athlete begins the first exercise again to initiate another circuit and repeats the process.


Increase hear rate and bloodflow through your preferred warm-up method, followed by some dynamic stretches. 

Suggested warm-ups: Jogging, skipping rops, shuttle-runs, arm rotations, leg raises. 

Circuit training exercises

1 Jumping squats 30 seconds AMRAP
2 Hanging leg raises 30 seconds AMRAP
3 Diamond push-ups 30 seconds AMRAP
4 Deadlifts

50% of max weight

30 seconds AMRAP

5 Wide pull-ups 30 seconds AMRAP

Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.