Frog Stand

The frog stand is a classic beginners gymnastics position to build strength and balance skills.

Primary Muscle Shoulders
Secondary Muscle(s) Arms, Back, Chest, Abdominals
Difficulty Beginner
Also known as Crow Stand
Optional Parallettes

Frog Stand Exercise

The frog stand is a beginners gymnastic and yoga position designed to develop strength with particular focus on balance skills. This is a common exercise when on the path to learning more complex gymnastics movements or positions and is one of the first exercises recommended for planche development. 

A common goal for the frog stand exercise is to hold the position for one minute. 

Benefits of the frog stand;

  1. Develops balance and strength skills required for hand-balancing movements such as handstand or planche
  2. Core stabilising muscle development 

How to do the Frog Stand

  1. Start the exercise by getting into the bottom of the squat position and placing the hands on the ground in front of the feet, next to the toes.
  2. Now move the knees so that they're resting against the bent elbows for support (with your knees in this position your legs will help carry some of your bodyweight to make the hold possible).
  3. Lean forward into the hold taking the weight onto the hands so the feet are raised completely from the floor. Beginners may not be able to lift the feet entirely off the ground but with regular practice balance and strength skills will develop to accommodate the exercise.
  4. Hold the position. Beginners should start with a few seconds or so and build up to a minute before considering the frog stand progression exercises.


  • This movement is a true test of balance; when just starting out you may lean too far and fall forward, which is perfectly normal. Just make sure that you're performing this in a safe environment. Some people like to use cushions or pillows when first starting out to help take the fall.

Frog Stand Progressions

The frog stand is a recommended starting position to train in pursuit of the planche (see planche progression exercises) but it's also highly beneficial for developing handstand and hand-balancing exercises.

Practice the frog stand hold until you can comfortably hold the position for 60 seconds before moving on to other progressions. 


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.