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bulgarian pullup thumb

Bulgarian Pull-ups

The Bulgarian Pull-up is a variation on the standard pull-up exercise using gymnastics rings. It is often used in gymnastics when learning the iron cross.

  • Primary Muscle: Back
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Biceps
Front Lever Rings Thumbnail

Front Lever on Rings

The front lever is a fundamental gymnastics strength hold that trains the core body and back muscles. This exercise considers the bodyweight hold on a set of gymnastics rings rather than static bar.

  • Primary Muscle: Abdominals
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Back
Iron Cross Thumbnail

Iron Cross

The Iron Cross is a notorious and iconic strength hold performed on gymnastics rings.

  • Primary Muscle: Shoulders
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Biceps, Forearms, Back, Chest
One arm ring row thumb

One-Arm Ring Row

The one-arm ring row is an ideal upper-body exercise if you've mastered the standard ring row and are looking for the next progression.

  • Primary Muscle: Biceps
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Back
ring dips thumbnail

Ring Dips

A fundamental gym rings exercise and popular bodyweight movement - rings dips develop excellent triceps and shoulder flexibility.

  • Primary Muscle: Triceps
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Shoulders, Chest
Ring Flye Thumbnail

Ring Fly

The Ring Fly exercise using gymnastic rings is an excellent bodyweight movement for chest and shoulder development.

  • Primary Muscle: Chest
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Biceps, Shoulders, Abdominals
Ring Handstand Thumbnail

Ring Handstand

The Ring Handstand exercise is an advanced gymnastics strength hold on gym rings.

  • Primary Muscle: Shoulders
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Arms, Back, Chest
Ring L-sit thumnail

Ring L-Sit

The Ring L-Sit is a static strength hold performed on gymnastics rings that intensely trains the abs and core body. 

  • Primary Muscle: Abdominals
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Triceps
Muscle-up Thumbnail

Ring Muscle-up

Performing the muscle-up using gymnastics rings.

  • Primary Muscle: Back
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Biceps, Shoulders, Triceps
pull-up thumbnail

Ring Pull-up / Chin-up

Learn about the benefits of the fundamental pull-up exercise on gymnastic rings and develop a phenomenally strong and defined back.

  • Primary Muscle: Back
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Biceps
Ring Training Exercises Thumbnail

Ring Push-up

Ring push-ups are a slight variation on the traditional bodyweight push-up, introducing gymnastics rings to the exercise to add an element of instability.

  • Primary Muscle: Chest
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Shoulders, Abdominals
Ring Rollout Thumbnail

Ring Rollout

Ring rollouts are an excellent abdominal exercise, that generate an incredible amount of muscular tension.

  • Primary Muscle: Abdominals
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Shoulders
Ring Row Thumb

Ring Rows / Body Rows

Ring rows are a good beginners movement to people that are new to ring training. It's also a progression exercise for anyone wanting to build up strength for unassisted pull-ups.

  • Primary Muscle: Biceps
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Triceps, Back
Support Position Thumb

Support Position

The support position is the fundamental starting point for ring training and to develop the ability to manipulate your own bodyweight. This static hold will develop the core strength required to simply suspend your body from the floor, assisted only by the arms.

  • Primary Muscle: Arms
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Back

Gymnastics rings training

Gymnastics rings are amazing strength training tools. Designed specifically for fitness training they are lightweight and easily portable. You can throw them over a tree, pull-up bar, goal post or beam for one of the most basic, yet challenging strength training tools known to man. 

Ring exercises

Training with rings offers exceptionally effective bodyweight exercises. Predominantly an upper body training tool there are hundreds of possible exercises that can give you a lifetime of challenges. 

From basic ring push-ups, dips, and pull-ups, to planches, levers and iron crosses. The rings offer no shortage of strength training goals to overcome. 

Benefits of ring training

  • Builds incredible strength
  • Promotes development of a lean, muscular physique. 
  • Durable, lightweight and ultra-portable
Read more about ring training with our ring articles, or shop for rings in the Fitstream Store. 


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