Hollow Body Rocks

A fundamental core body strength exercise that develops a solid midsection that is essential for progressing with more complex gymnastics exercises.

Primary Muscle Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) None
Difficulty Beginner
Also known as Hollow Body Rocking, Hollow Body Rock, Dish Rock

How to do Hollow Body Rocks

  1. Lie on your back in the hollow body position (lower back in contact with the floor, arms extended covering ears, and legs straight with toes pointed).
  2. Begin rocking back and forth maintaing the hollow body form.


  • Keep the abs and butt tight at all times.
Position / form:
  • Back is rounded, pelvis tucked under and lower back touching floor.
  • The legs are straight, held tight together, with toes pointed.
  • The arms are extended straight, covering the ears.
  • Develops strength in the abdominals and core body.
  • Good for progressing towards basic gymnastics exercises, particularly the handstand.


  • Aim to build up to 100 hollow body rocks or 3 minutes of sustained rocking.

The hollow body is a fundamental gymnastics position and after practicing the basic hold, trainees should progress to this rocking version to further develop core strength.

Practicing this exercise will help with balance based exercises and holds, knitting together the midsection and building stability in the core. 

Beginning the Hollow Body Hold

If you're new to Hollow Body Rocks you should begin by mastering the hollow body hold. Aim to develop a sustained 3 minute hollow body hold before progressing to the rock version.

Advanced Hollow Body Rocks

  • Build core strength until able to perform 3 minutes of hollow body rocking.

Once you have acheived this goal you should have enough core body strength to start seriously pursuing other gymnastics exercises such as the handstand or l-sit


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