L Hang

Perform the L Hang body weight exercise to develop bodily control and core strength.

Primary Muscle Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) Arms, Shoulders
Difficulty Advanced
Also known as L-Hang, Bar Hang, Hanging L Sit, Hanging L Seat
Equipment Pull-up Bar
Optional Rings
How to do the L Hang
  1. Dead hang from a bar or set of rings 
  2. Keep the legs straight and held together
  3. Raise the legs until they are parallel to the floor and hold the position (your body will form an L shape) for as long as you can maintain good form 

L Hang Guide

The L Hang is a static strength exercise performed on a pull-up bar, high-bar or gymnastics rings.

Similar in form to the L-Sit (except performed in a hanging position), the L Hang requires shoulder and arm strength to sustain the hold and very strong abs and hips to hold the legs parallel to the ground.

Beginning the L Hang

The L Hang is a difficult exercise requiring considerable strength to hold. Begin by training for the slightly easier L-Sit exercise (not performed in a hang position) before progressing to the hanging variation.

Beginner tips;

  • Build up endurance with easier isometric exercises such as planks, bridges and the non-hanging L-sit
  • Rather than holding the hanging l-sit for time, perform repetitions of hanging leg raises to build up strength
  • Hang with the knees bent rather than straight legs to decrease difficulty

Advanced L Hang

  • Weighted L Hangs
  • Toes to Bar from L Hang 
  • Pull-up in L Hang


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.