Beginner Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight exercises vary from the relatively easy (push-ups, sit-ups, squats) to the incredibly difficult (one-arm pull-ups, pistol squats, planche) and their effects on physical development can be unparalleled when applied properly and consistently.

This workout is an excellent introduction to strength training and will put you on the path to bodyweight excellence... 

Workout difficulty Beginner
Workout Category Bodyweight Workout
Equipment required

Pull-up bar, Parallel bars / Dipping station

Optional: Weighted vest, Gymnastics Rings

Physical Skills Strength, Balance, Coordination, Accuracy
Time 30-45 minutes
No. of exercises 5

Who is the beginner bodyweight workout for? 

This is a bodyweight workout targeted at the beginner and serves as a fundamental starting point to anyone who is just starting out with their fitness training.

The workout is composed of exercises that require little to no equipment, making it an extremely flexible regime that can be performed almost anywhere. 

This workout is useful for those who want to -

Advised prerequisites - 
  • None: Entry level fitness skills

Beginner bodyweight workout video

Fitstream athlete Lee Wade Turner demonstrates the bodyweight exercises in this video guide: 

Beginner bodyweight workout instructions

Perform 10 reps of each exercise, one after another (*). When you've performed all exercises for 10 reps go back to the first exercise and do 9 repetitions of each, repeating the process until you reach one single repetition per exercise.

* If you struggle to hit the ten reps in one attempt - simply perform as many as you can then rest, and repeat until you've accumulated the required number.

The exercises


Ab Crunches


Hanging Knee Raises


Progressing from the beginner bodyweight workout

Keep a record of your workouts (see training journal article) and you'll quickly see improvements in your strength, speed and form. 

When you're comfortably performing all ten repetitions without breaking you're ready to step things up a notch, and progress to the intermediate level bodyweight workout (coming soon!). 

Alternatively, try introducing a weighted vest for added intensity to the exercises and develop explosive strength levels. They're excellent for breaking through plateaus and progressing to more advanced exercises. 

Performing the routine on gymnastics rings rather than fixed apparatus is also an effective way to recruit additional muscle-mass and build compact, defined muscles. 

Intermediate bodyweight workout coming soon!


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.