Weight Loss Thumb

Beginners Guide to Weight Loss

A beginners guide to losing weight and burning fat, with easy to follow hints and tips... Read More

Sep 10 2012 Weight Loss
Gymnastics Ring Thumbnail

Olympic Ring Training

An article exploring ring training as a gymnastics sport, the athletes that practice it and it's influence on health and fitness... Read More

Jul 11 2012 Ring Training
Band Handstand Thumbnail

Training with Resistance Bands

Explore the various ways that resistance bands can be incorporated into your strength and fitness training, from added resistance, exercise assistance and stretching or rehab... Read More

Apr 18 2012 Resistance Bands
Freestanding pull-up thumb

Free Standing Pull-up Bar

Looking for pull-up equipment for a home gym? Here is our buying guide and considerations for a freestanding pull-up bar... Read More

Apr 01 2012 Pull-up Equipment
Fitness Banner

Developing the 10 Physical Skills for Total Fitness

An overview to the ten general physical skills. What they are and how to develop them for General Physical Preparedness (GPP)... Read More

Feb 17 2012 Fitness Skills
Outdoor Pull-up Bar

How to Make an Outdoor Pull-up Bar

Learn how to make an outdoor pull-up bar and parallel bars for your own bodyweight training gym... Read More

Nov 07 2011 DIY Fitness Equipment
Build Muscle Thumb

Muscle Guide and How to Build Muscle

Learn the basics of building muscle whilst developing strength, power and speed. We cover the basics of muscle science and learn how this can help your training... Read More

Oct 15 2011 Building Muscle
Motivation fitness thumbnail

Motivation for Fitness

How to get motivated, stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals... Read More

Jul 20 2011 General Health and Fitness
Paper Fitness Journal

Fitness Planning

Creating a fitness plan is the key to success, removing ambiguity and giving focus. This how to article, explains how to create your plan step, by step... Read More

Jun 09 2011 Managing Your Health and Fitness
Quad Roll Two

Foam Roller Guide

An introduction to foam rollers, and foam roller training for maintaining soft-tissue health... Read More

Oct 19 2010 Foam Roller