Fitstream articles about our personal thoughts, ethos and approach to fitness.

Fitstream believe in honest, intense effort combined with an understanding of basic training principles and physiology in order to get the most out of your fitness training in the least amount of time.

We believe that training can be fun, and should be built around diversity and intensity, consistency and dedication. We avoid the regimented and repetitive routines found in the typical sterile gym and our approach is one of simplicity.

Our approach to training involves coordinated, multi-muscle movements allowing you to lift, swing, jump, push and pull your way to a stronger and leaner physique, using equipment that is beautifully primitive, yet brutally effective. Exercises are built around Olympic lifting, calisthenics, sprint training and gymnastics, in gyms filled with balls, bands, bars, kettlebells, ropes and rings..



Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise

Our commitment

Fitstream is committed to working with best-in-class fitness equipment, rigorously tested and constructed to withstand heavy daily use by the world's most demanding fitness enthusiasts.


We don't believe in choosing between Olympic lifting, calisthenics or gymnastics. We choose fitness. Well-rounded and capable physiques forged from diversity, intensity and dedication.

Fitstream is for everyday people wanting good health and an elite physique that not only looks amazing, but can perform too, using tools & techniques that are beautifully primitive, yet brutally effective.

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