Types of Training

Fitstream articles on different forms of training from CrossFit to workouts with specific pieces of equipment such as kettlebells, gymnastics rings, suspension trainers or weighted clubs.

Fitness training

Selecting how you train and the fitness equipment that you train with is a key factor to success. It's important to monitor and understand the implications of your choices and tweak your training regime to maximise progress towards fitness goals.

This section of our articles seeks to explain fundamental training modalities, how to build them into your training and what results you can expect.

Motivated training

Whilst certain training types are best suited to developing particular sets of fitness skills it's also a crucial motivating factor to choose forms of training that you enjoy doing.

Engaging in a form of fitness training because you simply like it for it's own sake is an example of an intrinsically motivated activity, as opposed to extrinsically motivated behaviour, controlled purely by the potential results from the training.


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.