Ring Training

Fitstream articles and guides on gymnastic ring training for building strength, power and flexibility. We believe there is no upper body training tool as effective and diverse as gymnastics rings. 

Ring Push-up

Ring Training Guide

An introductory guide to ring training for fitness and why gymnastics rings are such an effective tool for building elite fitness levels and strength... Read More

Apr 14 2009
Ring Muscle-up

Ring Training Exercises

A quick overview of gymnastics ring training exercises and where beginner ring trainers should start... Read More

Apr 14 2009
FAQ Banner

Ring Training FAQ

Ring training for fitness frequently asked questions and answers... Read More

Apr 14 2009
Rings Direction

Setting Up Rings

Advice on how and where to install your gymnastics rings for fitness training and workouts. Please note that this article considers installation of fitness rings for bodyweight / strength training and not rings that are to be used for competitive gymnastics or dismounts... Read More

Oct 05 2009
Gymnastics Ring Thumbnail

Olympic Ring Training

An article exploring ring training as a gymnastics sport, the athletes that practice it and it's influence on health and fitness... Read More

Jul 11 2012

Fitness Ring Training

Gymnastics rings have found their way into mainstream fitness and are redefining strength training.

Ring training is a superior form of upper-body training and a clear demonstration of bodily control and strength. Fitness rings are lightweight, portable, and easily set-up and height adjusted for hundreds of exercises from ring push-ups to muscle-ups.

The rings can also be used to build almost super-human strength and flexibility skills. 



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