Managing Your Health and Fitness

Articles and guides on how to effectively manage and plan for personal health and fitness. Making a fitness plan, tracking your progress and adapting your training is essential for building muscle, losing weight and creating a healthy, strong body. 

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How to Track Progress with Photos

Learn how to take amazing progress pics. This simple guide teaches you how to track progress with photos. Build a story of how your body is changing over time... Read More

Jul 07 2014
Paper Fitness Journal

Training Journal

Download our free Excel or PDF templates for logging your fitness workouts for both cardio or weight training... Read More

Oct 10 2009
Calipers Body Fat

How to Measure Body Fat Using Calipers

A simple step-by-step guide on measuring body fat using calipers... Read More

Jul 08 2014
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How to Run a Body Transformation Competition

In this article we give you simple instructions on how to run your very own body transformation competition. An excellent way to motivate weight loss, cutting or bulking as part of a group... Read More

Jan 30 2015
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Keeping a Health and Fitness Journal

We explore the value of keeping a health and fitness journal with tips on how best to do it, and how you can use your records to build a stronger, healthier body... Read More

Aug 14 2014
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Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Find out how to start a gratitude journal and how it can change your life. The simple act of saying thank you is an incredibly powerful way of changing your mindset and building positivity that can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals... Read More

Aug 06 2014
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How to Write Progress Posts

A simple guide on why sharing your health and fitness progress will not only help others, but yourself too, with best practice recommendations on how best to tell people about what you've achieved... Read More

Jul 10 2014
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Inspiration For Your Journal

A list of journaling ideas and tips to help inspire you and fill up your health and fitness journal with valuable content that you can use to build a stronger, healthier body... Read More

Aug 17 2014
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A Framework for Self Experimentation

Taking a self experimentation approach to your health and fitness will help you build a stronger and healthier body. In this article we give you a simple framework to start experimenting and tracking your results today... Read More

Oct 27 2014
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Project Managing Your Health and Fitness - The Key to Success

We describe how you can use basic principles of project management to take control of your health and fitness and achieve success. From weight loss to building muscle, remove the ambiguity and put a simple plan in place... Read More

Feb 16 2015
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Rep Schemes

A guide to rep schemes and how to organise your sets and reps and decide on the best approach for your training goals... Read More

Jan 17 2013
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Why You Should be Tracking Your Health and Fitness

A simple exploration of the benefits to tracking your health and fitness and how it can change your life and transform your body... Read More

Jul 09 2013
Digital tracking

How to Track Your Health and Fitness

A guide on how to track your health and fitness and the different metrics you can start logging to help meet fitness goals and improve performance... Read More

Jul 14 2013
Paper Fitness Journal

Fitness Planning

Creating a fitness plan is the key to success, removing ambiguity and giving focus. This how to article, explains how to create your plan step, by step... Read More

Jun 09 2011
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101 Self Experimentation Ideas to Build a Better You

Be inspired with our 101 self-experimentation ideas to build a stronger, healthier and leaner you... Read More

Feb 22 2016
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How to Measure Body Fat

An easy to follow guide on body fat and how to accurately measure body fat. We examine the different methods of measurement and set guidelines for optimal health... Read More

Jul 08 2014
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How to Take Body Measurements

Learn how to measure your body parts to track how you're changing physically and if you're moving closer towards your goals... Read More

Jul 17 2014
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How to Create Your Own Body Transformation Challenge

Learn how to set-up your own body transformation challenge as a powerful way to lose weight, build muscle and create a stronger, healthier version of you in only 30 days... Read More

Dec 09 2014
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How to Track Your Body Weight

Learn how best to track your body weight with weighing tips and links to tools to help you achieve your weight goals... Read More

Jul 11 2014
A Powerful Start Thumbnail

A Powerful Way to Start the New Year

We give you our step by step guide on how to start a New Year and ensure you start off on the right path and mindset... Read More

Jan 04 2018

Personal Health and Fitness Management

Modern life makes achieving and maintaining a great level of health and fitness a difficult feat. Long hours, busy schedules and manufactured food are sabotaging all but the most dedicated among us. 

In order to combat these problems you need to effectively plan and managing your fitness to get the most from your time both in and out of the gym. 

The key components to managing your health and fitness are - 

  • Education: Learning the fundamentals of diet, exercise and recovery 
  • Planning and goals: Taking charge of your training with intelligent goal setting and planning
  • Fitness tracking: tracking your progress and monitoring changes in your mind and body
  • Analysing: spending time looking at your data and spotting trends
  • Discovery and learning: applying what you learn to improve your training and maximise progress

Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.