Beginner Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are renowned for offering dynamic, fluid movements that can work the entire body, and when used correctly they offer a potent and efficient form of training.

This beginner kettlebell workout is an excellent introduction to kettlebell training and will help develop the fundamental techniques for building power, strength and endurance.

Workout difficulty Beginner
Equipment required


Physical Skills Cardiovascular, Strength, Power, Speed
Time 30-45 minutes
No. of exercises 5 kettlebell exercises

Who is the beginner kettlebell workout for? 

This is a kettlebell workout targeted at people new to kettlebell training or with novice level fitness skills.

This workout is useful for those who want to -

Advised prerequisites -

Kettlebell training can be dangerous if not properly executed with appropriate care. It is recommend that people new to kettlebell training have appropriate instruction from a professional to learn basic form.

Beginner kettlebell workout instructions

Workout notes:

The exercises

The exercises in this workout have been selected as part of a comprehensive weight training program to cover both upper and lower body presses and pull movements, and exercises that will develop the core.

Perform each exercise sequentially for desired number of reps and repeat the circuit three times. 

Rest: 30 - 45 seconds between sets / 1 minute between exercises.

beginner kettlebell workout

Kettlebell military press

Double kettlebell bent-over row

Double kettlebell squat

Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell windmill

Progressing from the beginner kettlebell workout

As you are become competent with the basic kettlebell movements you can look to integrate them into an overall training regime, perhaps by effectively combining kettlebell exercises with barbell or bodyweight exercises.

Intermediate kettlebell workout coming soon!


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.