Fitstream Manifesto

Published: 05-10-2015  | Updated: 08-10-2015

Fitstream Manifesto

I, _______, will build a stronger, healthier body. Explore my physical potential, and keep going.

I will eat well, train hard, and pursue relentless improvement. Curiosity and experimentation will be my guide. Progress will be the measure of my success.

Today, I take control and earn my transformation.


The Fitsream Manifesto is transforming people around the world.

Do you want to build muscle and lose weight? Or create a healthier, sustainable lifestyle?

Our manifesto is a pledge to create a stronger, healthier and leaner you

Make your pledge today - 

1. Print and sign your manifesto

 Download and print your copy and then write your name in the gap of the first sentence of the manifesto. 

2. Take a photo of your with your manifesto

Ask someone to take a photo of you holding your manifesto as the first step in committing to your pledge to transform your body.

3. Share your photo with us

You can email your photo to or share via social media on Twitter @Fitstream, or Facebook.

Remember to also include your name and date the photo was taken for our gallery... 


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.