Fitstream App FAQ

Published: 16-02-2017  | Updated: 22-07-2019

This is our compilation of most frequently asked questions, that we'll be building over time, about our apps and website.


What is Fitstream?

Fitstream is a body transformation service to help you track your progress, stay motivated and learn from others in the Fitstream community. 

You track your body using our Android and iOS app and you get to decide what you share with the community and what's kept private. 

Things you can track in Fitstream;

  • Photos of your body to actually see your changes over time (or why not food, exercises and workouts)
  • Body measurements such as weight, body fat %, abs, arms, waist and see how they're changing from measurement to measurement
  • Notes and journal entries to capture thoughts, feelings and ideas

If you mark a log as public then it's shared with the wider community where you can get advice, encouragement and tips, or just a pat on the back with likes.

How do I get started with Fitstream?

Simply download our Android or iOS app to your phone and create an account for free. 

Fitstream app

Now you can jump straight into adding your first photo, measurement or note... or simply browse the public community posts for inspiration and to see how others are progressing. 

Can anyone else see my data? Is my data safe?

Everything you add to Fitstream is private by default, encrypted, and can only be seen by you. Unless you explicitly mark it as public. 

You own your data, not us, and we never share it with anyone.

How do I add a public post? What is the Fitstream Community? 

The Fitstsream Community is made up of thousands of people around the world all using Fitstream to help transform their body and hit their fitness goals. 

All your data is private by default and you can choose which measurements, photos and notes you share in the public commuity. 

People share their posts publically for many reasons, such as;

  1. Accountability - sharing your goals and progress with others is a great way to keep you accountable and motivated
  2. For support and advice - to get help from others
  3. To help others who are pursuing the same goals and challenges as you.
To share your posts with the Fitstream Community -
  1. When creating a log, click on the "who can see this?" area of the screen (as pictured in red below)
  2. Change the setting from "only me" to "Fitstream Community"
public posts

For more information about our mission see the community guidelines and Fitstream Manifesto

How do I delete a photo / measurement or note?

If you're on the iPhone app;

  1. From the dashboard view, select "Streams"
  2. Make sure that the "viewing" filter at the top of the screen is set to "My Stream" so that you see your data only
  3. Click on the log that you'd like to delete
  4. In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a more options button that looks like this "..." Select the button and choose delete
more options button

If you're on the Android app;

  1. Go to "My Stream" from the dashboard of the app to see all your logs
  2. Click and hold (long press) on the log that you'd like to delete
  3. A delete button will appear
  4. Click delete log

How do I edit a photo / measurement or note?

  1. From the dashboard view, select "Streams"
  2. Make sure that the "viewing" filter at the top of the screen is set to "My Stream" so that you see your data only
  3. Click on the log that you'd like to edit
  4. In the top right corner of the screen is an "edit" button - select the button and you will be able to edit the measurement or note values

How do I report inappropriate content?

If you ever spot a post in Fitstream which contains adult content, copywrited material or is offensive in any way please report it. To report a post please select the more options button in the bottom right corner of the log and select "Report Post". 

more options button

Is Fitstream free? 

Fitstream is completely free to use and will stay that way. We fund the project with a small amount of advertisements around the app but nothing too obtrusive.

We are working on a professional version of the app that will have some enhanced features for users that want to pay a small fee, but the core Fitstream service will always be free. 

How do I reset my password? I can't remember my login details

Please go to the reset password feature and enter your email address. 

This will send you a link to your email account so that you can reset your password. 

If you're having any other difficulties getting into your account please email at  

I've found a bug - can you help me?

We'll get right on that.

Drop us an email at and the following information will help us fix it quicker;

  1. Are you using iPhone or Android
  2. What version of the app are you using (go to settings and version number is at the bottom of page)
  3. What email address do you sign into Fitstream with
  4. Share with us the steps to recreate the bug or error
  5. Copy any error messages or screen captures

Can I use Fitstream to track body data for multiple people / family members?

Each person that you want to track body data for must have their own account. Simply create one account per user and switch between them. There is no way to log muliple people's data within one user account.  

Fitstream's not for me - can I delete my account?

We'll do this for you as we haven't built the feature for you to delete your own account just yet. 

Drop us an email at letting us know that you want to leave and we'll delete your account and all data within 5 working days. 

How do I cancel my Premium Account?

Thank you so much for trying Fitstream Premium Account and we're sorry it's not for you. 

For Apple users - 

You must cancel your subscription with Apple. You can do this from your phone and we've created a shortcut to the relevant page in our app - 

To cancel your account, simply go to "settings" from within the Fitstream app and select "Premium Account". This will display the screen below. Then, select "Cancel Anytime" to be taken to the relevant place in your phone to manage your account subscriptions.    

fitstream premium

What's next for Fitstream?

We're always developing Fitstream and have some big ideas and plans for the community but we want you to help us shape what we build. We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas so please do get in touch. 

Some of the ideas we're considering include;

  • Before and after photo features
  • Body transformation competitions
  • Timelapse features to see photos changing over time 
  • Integration with fitness trackers and other third party services (like Fitbit, Apple's Healthkit, Google Fit etc.)
  • Fitstream private groups
  • Fitness challenges
  • Ability to post videos 
  • Online coaching and guidance

I have a feedback or a feature idea

We love you. Get in touch and it'd be great to hear it -


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.