Gym Etiquette

Published: 05-06-2013  | Updated: 10-01-2016

For newbies and seasoned pro's alike - in a bid to help make our gyms better places to train, we’ve compiled this list of gym etiquette laws for us all to live by -

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Gym Etiquette 1 - Put it back!

When you’re finished with your equipment, put it back. This signals that you’re finished with the kit, but more importantly no one wants to clean up after you.

This is especially important when weight training. Nothing says noob more than stacking up the machines and then walking away, so make sure to re-rack them when you're finished your sets.  

Gym Etiquette 2 - Don't interrupt others

...and definitely not when someone is in the middle of a set.

Generally, don't be that person walking around telling everyone what to do. It's nice to be helpful when asked, but there's a fine line to walk. 

Gym Etiquette 3 - Keep it clean

We'll not dwell on this but wear clean clothes and wipe down your bodily fluids from the equipment when you're done. 

Oh, and in the locker room, let's maintain a bit of modesty. We don't need to see all your goods!

Gym Etiquette 4 - Play nice

We'll wrap a few rules up in this one;

  • If someone looks like the need it - offer to spot them and similarly, if you need a spotter, ask someone. It's always better than screaming for someone to help lift the bar off you!
  • If you're the big guy in the gym, rememeber that you were once a beginner too
  • Don't stare at people - it's awkward!

Gym Etiquette 5 - Location, Location, Location

Be considerate and use equipment as it was intended;

  • Don't do your exercises right in front of the weight rack
  • The squat rack is for squatting

Here are some final pointers to wrap things up - 

  • The gym is not a call centre - so take them outside
  • Use chalk sparingly

If these are a problem for you then consider starting a home gym and you make the rules!

Do you have any rules to add? Send suggestions to and help us create better gyms!


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.