Kettlebell Exercises

Published: 19-11-2009  | Updated: 03-10-2013

Here we give you a quick insight into kettlebell training, highlighting the major benefits and full-body workouts that are possible with this very basic, yet versatile tool.

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Kettlebell exercises are efficient - you're not only lifting weights, but swinging them. Movements are explosive yet controlled, and the combination of weight training with cardio exercise is what makes kettlebell training as highly effective as it is.

The kettlebell is a solid ball of steel allowing you to train your entire body, the handle acting as a hinge to the weighted mass.

There are hundreds of possible kettlebell exercises that will help you build true strength, shape and define your physique whilst burning fat. Kettlebells are quite simply the ultimate functional fitness tool.

Beginning kettlebell training, recommended exercises

When just starting out we recommend that you begin by mastering the Kettlebell Swing exercise. It's a dynamic exercise that will teach you how to swing the kettlebell in a safe and controlled manner, primarily working the lower-body and core muscles.


The Kettlebell Swing is an intense exercise that will show you just why kettlebells are so perfect for fitness training, and requires speed, power, strength, and endurance in one simple movement.

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Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.