Ring Training Exercises

Published: 14-04-2009  | Updated: 03-10-2013

Rings are a brutally effective upper-body training tool. You cannot fail to develop true, functional strength through regular and consistent ring training, and as a result you develop the lean and defined physique of a gymnast.


You'll find our entire collection of ring training exercises with videos, illustrations and instructions in the Fitstream exercise directory.

Beginning gymnastics rings training

If you're just starting out with ring training or bodyweight training we recommend that you begin by mastering the ring support position. This exercise simply involves a static body-weight hold above the rings with your body suspended above the ground.

When you can hold the support position comfortably for 10 seconds or more it's time to move on to more advanced gymnastics rings exercises.

Primarily focusing on the upper body, there are many ring training exercises to choose from. Many people buy gymnastic rings purely for pull-up training as they're incredibly effective because you aren't constrained by a static bar and you benefit from the independent, free-range movement of the rings.

You will find guides on the following ring training exercises in the Fitstream exercise database:

For a full list of ring training exercises with hints, tips, and images please visit our exercise directory.

When first starting out with ring training some of the movements might seem insurmountable but don't be deterred. With consistent practice the gains come steadily. Consider using resistance bands to help carry the burden of some of your body weight to help build the required strength. 


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