Cardio exercises

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  • Running Thumbnail
    A general guide to running as a form of exercise and fitness training, and a look at how it can benefit your body and overall health.
    Primary Muscle: Quadriceps Secondary Muscle(s): Calves, Hamstrings
  • Sprint thumbnail
    Sprints are high-intensity, short bursts of activity, performed at great speed and one of the most effective forms of training possible for building strength, speed and power whilst developing lean muscle mass and losing fat.
    Primary Muscle: Quadriceps Secondary Muscle(s): Calves, Hamstrings

Cardiovascular Training

Cardio training (or aerobic exercise) is a form of exercise that is designed to increase muscular endurance by improving performance of the heart and lungs to distribute oxygen around the body.

Cardio exercise is commonly used to help lose weight by burning calories, strengthening the cardiovascular system and building stamina and endurance levels.

Contrary to popular belief, through the intelligent application of cardio-based exercises it is possible to stay lean and maintain muscle mass.


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.