Resistance band exercises

Browse the Fitstream collection of resistance band exercises for strength training, flexibility, rehabilitation and assistance exercies. Learn how to master those advanced moves using the support of a resistance band or how you can carry a portable, total body gym around in your bag to stretch out and build real streangth.

  • Resistance Running Thumb
    Resistance Running using Bands
    Develop explosive speed, power and strength using resistance bands as part of a resisted running routine.
    Primary Muscle: Quadriceps Secondary Muscle(s): Calves, Hamstrings

Resistance band training

Resistance bands are one of the most flexible and cost effective pieces of fitness equipment available to you. Not only are they light weight and portable, but they can be used for a huge array of fitness training -

  • Strength training by adding progressive resistance (such as weight training) or assistance work for advanced exercises (bodyweight exercises such as the planche).
  • Stretching and flexibility training for warm-ups and effective preparation. 
  • Rehabilitation using the bands as fitness aids to rebuild health and recover from injuries

Typically resistance bands are available in different thicknesses which determine their resistance levels and how they should be used in your training.

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Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.