Suspension training exercises

Browse the collection of Fitstream Suspension Training exercises below for instructions, illustrations and guides on integrating them into your fitness regime. 

  • Suspended Chest Press Thumb
    Suspended Chest Press
    The suspended chest press is a beginners upper-body strength exercise for those that are not quite strong enough for unassisted push-ups or would like to vary the angle and intensity of the exercise using a suspension trainer.
    Primary Muscle: Chest Secondary Muscle(s): Shoulders, Triceps, Abdominals
  • Suspended Oblique Crunch Thumbnail
    Suspended Crunch
    The suspended crunch exercise uses a suspension trainer to intensely train the core body and abdominals. This is a highly effective ab exercise that allows you a great deal of flexibility due to the free moving suspension trainer.
    Primary Muscle: Abdominals Secondary Muscle(s): None
  • Suspended Single Squat Thumb
    Suspended Single Leg Squat
    Intensely train the lower body with one-legged squats. This notoriously difficult exercise can be learned using a suspension trainer for assistance.
    Primary Muscle: Quadriceps Secondary Muscle(s): Hamstrings

suspension trainer

Suspension training

Suspension training is a revolutionary form of bodyweight exercise that allows you to perform various movements in a suspended state to build strength, lose weight and develop your agility and balance.

Suspension trainers or resistance bands are used to perform the exercises and are the perfect tools for travelling on the road, bodyweight training, and having complete control over the difficulty and angle at which you can target your muscles.

Suspension trainers

An example suspension trainer is pictured right. 

Suspension trainers can come in various designs but this is breakdown of a typical single-anchor-point model.

The trainer can be attached to a doorway, pull-up bar, beam, tree or any stable structure that can hold your body weight and the foot cradles / handles are grasped to perform a huge variety of exercises. 

Exercises range from suspended push-ups, pull-ups, crunches and squats to train the entire body. 

Benefits of suspension training

  • Portable, lightweight trainer that can be taken anywhere.
  • Flexible design allowing you to train using traditional equipment (pull-up bars) to standard doorways. 
  • Varied resistance / scalable training
  • Develop strength for advanced movements such as pistol squats by using the trainer as an assistance aid. 

Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.