Flexibility, stretching & mobility exercises


Browse the Fitstream collection of flexibility, stretching, mobility and warm-up exercises.

From simple warm-up exercises for a workout, to the rehabilitative, soft-tissue and mobility drills using a foam roller. Here we show you how to maintain a flexible, supple body and help recover from your training. 

  • Hamstring Foam Roll Thumbnail
    Hamstring Foam Roll
    Foam rolling the hamstrings to loosen the muscle, increase blood flow and work out muscle knots. This is a great method of warm-up and recovery.
    Primary Muscle: Hamstrings Secondary Muscle(s): None
  • Quad Roll Thumbnail
    Quad Roll with Foam Roller
    Learn how to release tension, warm-up and maintain soft-tissue health in the quadriceps using a foam roller.
    Primary Muscle: Quadriceps Secondary Muscle(s): None
  • Thoracic Extension Thumbnail
    Thoracic Spine Extension with Foam Roller
    Maintain and improve thoracic mobility and improve posture with a foam roller and the Thoracic Spine Extension exercise.
    Primary Muscle: Back Secondary Muscle(s): Chest

Flexibility, Stretching, Mobility and Recovery Training

Much emphasis is placed upon the act of physical training itself - which exercises to choose and how to perform them, for example... and not enough attention is focused on the warm-up, cool down, preparatory stretching and recovery drills.

These are essential components to getting the most out of your training and staying injury free and should not be overlooked.

Simple stretching and warm-ups are a given prior to your workout, but what are you doing post workout to ensure that you maximise recovery and progress?

Using something as simple as a foam roller or mobility ball will help break down knots and adhesions in the muscle and increase blood flow to speed recovery and reduce soreness.


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.